Monday, September 24, 2007


Just felt like saying Hello! Hola! Bonjour! and Howdy!

This feels like one of those, "It is going to be a good day today days." The last time I felt like this I was on cloud nine and decided to go to a local fair ground and see a demolition derby and check out some horses, cows, goats and eat lots and lots of fair junk foods. Junk foods is kind of a false statement. At fairs I eat corn, chicken, and a lot of homemade foods. The corn is my favorite. The corn people BBQ it in its natural state, then peel it when it is done and dip it in butter. Fine healthy treat I think. I had a great time and met some people I have not seen in a long time. Then after the shows I decided to go home and found out I parked in a restricted spot and ended up paying $169.00 in fines and almost got my car towed. My side view mirror got broken for some reason too!

This is what confuses me when I have one of those feeling that it is going to be a good day today. Do you have good feelings about a day and does that day turn out good or bad for you?

I do like the good feeling, but I just get anxious what the reality results will end up being.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I have a nutritionist. She is not happy when I visit her. My idea of foods that I think are healthy are a bit different from hers. My idea of fruit is the fruit that is baked in a pie or in ice cream like a banana split. She thinks fresh fruit is what I should eat. We settled on fruit cups. I was using the powered slim fast until she found out I was using chocolate milk instead of non-fat or skim to mix it up.

It is not her fault. I just have a hard time understanding how to eat right. I was brought up by a mother that loved to bake and cook. She was a food pusher and to her a snack or food treat eased every mental and physical pain imanagable.

I understand that one must eat right to stay healthy and I am trying to change my eating habits. It just is not as easy as I thought. I am not so excited about cooking as my mom was. I just got used to having someone cook for me that I never really bothered to cook for myself. Then I got married and my wife fell into the same trap and well, lets just say that when my mother cooked she fed the whole neighborhood.

After my mom passed my wife and I went our seperate ways. I think my mom's cooking kept us together longer than we should have, and that is another story.