Sunday, July 29, 2012

We are all Athletes!

I think every one tried sports at one time or another.  Some of us went on to greatness; most are fans and have a favorite sports team.  The rest went on to other life things.  In high school I was on the swimming team.  I gained a bit of weight  my senior year and got the nickname Orca Ed.  I won a few races.  The other swimmers were disqualified during the races and I won.  I did get my Letterman Jacket for swimming or being a streatcher bearer for football. Maybe even for losing my trunks during a summer practice. I think it was swimming.  Anyway.  Enjoy the Olympics.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Just think of the possibilities if life exists on one planet in the entire universe!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Feeling dirty.

I saw some young tots playing in the dirt near my house.  I kind of envied them.  I am almost sixty.  Maybe I was too old.  What the heck I thought and gave it a try.  Then the one little tyke said, "Hey get your own dirt."  So I did.  You can play in my dirt anytime.  All are invited.  We just have to share our dirt sometimes don't we?

Monday, July 02, 2012

Oh say can you see.

I wanted a 4Th of July subject for my thoughts so I broke my eye glasses. Pretty tricky title. I got out my duck tape and did a temporary fix so I could see. I called numerous eye glass stores and they all said the same thing, "No we cannot get your prescription off your old pair. You need to come in for an eye exam which will cost you a small fee. OK. I made the appointment and off I went. One of the first things they did when I got there was put my glasses in a machine. Pushed some buttons and got the eye glass prescription from my old pair. Without skipping a beat the nurse then told me the doctor would be right with me. Well OK. It was a small fee but still I was a little miffed. After the eye exam the doctor rubbed it in by telling me my old prescription was about the same as my new one would be. All glasses were 40% off. That was just the frame. After adding my bifocals and transition lenses, sun hurts my eyes after an eye operation a few years ago. One pair of glasses were about $450 even after the discount. Which I did not get. I went to another eye glass store taking my new golden prescription with me. Shopping around got me two pair for $195 and because I had my priceless prescription. After about an hour the computer finally started working and 30 minutes after that I paid for my 2 pair of glasses. I will get them in 3 days. A road construction crew held me up in traffic for another hour. I was now late for work at the hospital I spend my employment time in. I got settled in and learned that a newborn was in trouble and may not make it. I can see real clear now. I embraced my life and did the best I could to comfort the distressed family. I realized I have no problems. Oh say can you see. I can.