Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just Posting.

Not much going on. It is almost October. I just paid my rent and went to dinner with a friend. She said she was going to win the lottery and buy me a house. She advised me that she does not gamble so I should buy the lottery ticket for her. My back is sore from the bike accident still. I got to watch my friends dog while they went to the beach. I had a good time doing that. Except the dog picked up a few bad habits which my friends had to deal with when they came home. I did not know about the dog sitting on the couch. Anyway it turned out not to be a big thing. I hope anyway. I know this is not really interesting to anyone but I needed to post so there it is. Hope your life is a bit more exciting. Have a hug and some ice cream that is what I do when not much is going on.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crash Duce

Well I did it again. I crashed my bike. This time I did not get hurt but did some damage. The front fender, the left headlight, the left turn signal and the crash bar. It was tough getting home because I could only make right turns. Seriously wide right turns. The guy I hit had an old truck that looked like it was made out of plywood or cardboard. I think he was a legal alien; he had a post office box for an address. He had all kinds of lawn stuff in the back of his truck and was coming from a outdoor sales place or big yard sale. I tore out his rear light and put a dent in the cardboard or plywood. It could have been five or six layers of bondo, I am just not sure. It looked like it was painted with a paint brush. He and his passengers were fine even though he went from a bad back to a heart attack in about 10 seconds. The accident was right in front of a prison and the inmates were all out there in the yard. The guard was nervous and I guess he thought it was a ploy for a prison break. Like as soon as the accident happened it would create a diversion and all the inmates would hop over the fence or something. So the guard wanted us to settle up and get out of there. Well the alien guy was OK and we settled on fixing the tail light and some other damage money. He did not want to turn it into his insurance. It was either expired or going to expire anyway. So my friends helped me get back on the road and I got the bike back to a garage. The same garage it was just in getting fixed for an electrical short which took weeks to find but we finally did. How is your driving lately? Hope it is better than mine.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I get a lot of junk email. Usually it is 1 email I want to read out of 10. Everyday I wake up, turn on my computer and check up to 100 emails I was sent during the night. I always wonder who is up that late at night but they are there every morning. Summer is coming to an end and I am sorry to see it go. This has nothing to do with emails but my mind has been drifting lately. I always wondered if I had Attention Deficit Disorder but I cannot concentrate long enough to figure out if I do or do not have it. That is all I got for now. I am suffering from writers block again. I hope you are having a good day. Let me know if you are or are not. Just to let you know there is someone out there to listen if you want to talk or write.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


It seems when one thing gets fixed another thing breaks down. This is what technology has brought us. Endless searches for people that fix technological things. Included in this never ending quest for things to break and be fixed are cars, computers, boats, motorcycles, toasters, and an array of household appliances. When I look back on the days before technological breakthroughs I wonder about the simple life people had. Of course if the horse thew a shoe then the blacksmith would work his wonders. If not they shot the horse which was not a good solution if you were a horse. I almost forgot. Instead of a fireplace we now have gas, electric, oil and other kinds of heat producing things. We even got air conditioners how about that. I am not complaining just feel lost because I cannot seem to be able to fix anything. I am what you call a consumer. Boy can I consume too. Well. So much for that. Are you a person that can fix things? If you are then be prepared to have lots of work ahead of you.