Saturday, September 05, 2009


It seems when one thing gets fixed another thing breaks down. This is what technology has brought us. Endless searches for people that fix technological things. Included in this never ending quest for things to break and be fixed are cars, computers, boats, motorcycles, toasters, and an array of household appliances. When I look back on the days before technological breakthroughs I wonder about the simple life people had. Of course if the horse thew a shoe then the blacksmith would work his wonders. If not they shot the horse which was not a good solution if you were a horse. I almost forgot. Instead of a fireplace we now have gas, electric, oil and other kinds of heat producing things. We even got air conditioners how about that. I am not complaining just feel lost because I cannot seem to be able to fix anything. I am what you call a consumer. Boy can I consume too. Well. So much for that. Are you a person that can fix things? If you are then be prepared to have lots of work ahead of you.

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