Friday, January 26, 2007

Miscast Movies

I think Michael Jackson would have made a better Willie Wonka than Johnny Depp. I also think that Howard Stern would make a great "Spiderman" and Macaully Culkin would be super in "Hannible Rising".

(Please note that some of the names/words in this post may be spelled incorrectly because I do not know how to spell them. They are real entertainers nonetheless).

My reasoning is that actors that are closer in real life to the characters might pull better box office sales.

Like Howard Stern, for instance, pulls people into his web with his new Satellite Radio stuff. Michael and Macaully should be self explanitatory.

I just noticed that "Flyboys" looks like a remake of "Hells Angels"" made by Howard Hughes. This is ok because when Howard made that movie it was like one of the first talking pictures. Also because most of the people who saw the original "Hells Angels" are dead anyway. Even the people that made the "Hells Angel" movie have mostly passed. I only realized this because I just watched the "Aviator." Leo Dicaprio did do a good job, in the "Aviator", but maybe John Travolta could have given it a shot. Provided maybe John T. died in that crash that hit the houses during the test flight. Then again I also like Jack Black as Howard Hughes, now Jack is really crazy.

As for actresses, don't get me started. Rosie O'Donnel in the "Piano" forget about it. Barbara Walters, great Nanny McPhee. These are just a few of my ideas that popped into my head.

I am writing this fast because I was just diagnosed with adult ADD. So I have to get it down before I get distracted and begin writing about something else.

Which reminds me I have to forward some emails before I get bad luck. Like I don't have enough bad luck already with some pain in the butt sending me emails about God. If I don't forward them something will happen to me that will be worse than what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. Which is something I don't want to get myself into.

That bible stuff really gets to me, you know.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

First Ghost?

Who became the first ghost? The bible's first death was when Cain killed Able. Aparently God did not work death into his creations because he had to ask Cain where his brother was. Able did not lie very well and God discovered what happened. He punished Cain and possibly forgot about Able and so Able became a ghost. Then God went on creating and Adam and Eve died and as the years went on so did a lot of other people. Now God either began recycling everybody, as some religions decided, or he just did not know what to do with dead people spirits. I say spirits because the dead people kept popping up now and then to scare the heck out of living people, or vica versa, and well somebody in history named them spirits.

Civilizations became somewhat civilized and noticed that these spirits were bothersome and some one thought up an after life. The rituals and stuff started, which was better than letting the dead body lay around stinking in the sun all day.

Then Jesus came along and the whole resurrection idea began to take hold. Now these so called spirits had a place to go. Unfortunately not all of them knew about resurrection stuff or Jesus, and did not know where to go.

Some other religious leaders did not want Jesus to have a monopoly on death and all kinds of ideas of heaven and hell began to become more and more plausable to all kinds of peoples all over the place.

Today dead people look for a light or something, but still some get lost and are stuck in buildings or places which are very old.

There are people that say they can talk to the dead and help them get to where ever it is one is suppose to go after one dies. You would think that when some of the people died that could talk to these dead people. That maybe after they died, they would be more helpful once they also became dead. Like Moses I would think they could get those previouosly dead people to follow them up and out to the light or where ever.

It must have something to do with memory because after all we do still have spirits.

So unless before one dies there is some one to tell them something like. "OK you are dying now. So don't forget to just leave and not hang around being a pesky spirit. Ok?" Then the problem is solved, at least for the one that knows he/she is dying. If one dies suddenly then it's a crap shoot?

Still who was the first ghost and why? Which brings me to another question. Did the cavemen come before or after Adam and Eve?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

There been again

Reruns on TV are one thing. Remakes of old movies are another. Rewrites of old books may have new covers but the same words. Repeats in life? Now that is another series of films that seems to re-collide into pages of memories.

I was watching the new Willie Wonka film that turned out to be the old Willie Wonka film with a new licorice twist, so to speak. I liked the old one better. Which brought me to write about life and going thru the real Old Willies and pondering the New Willies of reality.

When I was young, radio and television was young along with record players and mail that people actually wrote, put into envelopes then stamped with a little spit. The new old cliche of people my age really did not last long. Past generations dwelt in the past for generations after generations. My generation progressed so fast, in the last 100 years, that new thoughts and ideas only last a week or less. Sometimes not even a day!

That is the way it is suppose to be. Today anyway.

Things are going by so swiftly that paragraphs are reduced to a sentence or two.

History is repeating itself. Only faster. With so much going on so quickly the norm seems to be Attention Deficit Disorders gone wild. Our synapses are firing so many times that they cannot keep up with themselves making fried brains to be the breakfast of the future.

This is good.

Finally the 90% of our brains that have been dead the last million or so years are beginning to wake up.

Unless. Maybe every million or so years our brains will grow another 10% for a 100 or so years. Then they will hibernate and go back to sleep for another million or so years. If that happens how many remakes of Willie Wonka can we stand? How many Lucy, Sienfield, or Saturday Night Live reruns can we handle? Will the same books keep rolling off the presses with new covers and the same words?

Wait a minute. A generation only really lasts for a hundred or so years then it dies out. So why am I bothering to write about this now. Well I am 54. That means if I live to be 100..................
Damn that is still a lot of reruns. remakes and rebooks I have to live thru.

I promise I will only write this once. So pay attention please. I am starting a redo revolution.

Unless I get paid for them.

How will you rethink all this?

Friday, January 05, 2007


Well my Sad dam blog did not go over too big. I am wondering why only the guards were allowed to bring their cell phones to the hanging though?


I was thinking about words today. Since I use them a lot it was easy to think about them.
I was at this New Years Eve party and the people there were talking about words that seemed innocent but had sexual or other meanings. The word that was the subject of conversation was.

There seemed to be three meanings to this word.

1. Twat: Sound made when one snaps their thumb and finger into the side of some ones head when they do or say something stupid.

2. Twat: Someone who is dumb or stupid.

3. Twat: Part of the female body that babies exit from.

I guess there are other words that have this same problem. Like when someone says they have tennis balls or a football or play baseball. No one really makes a fuss. Forget the sport part and just say balls and a snicker or two arises. Sometimes the snicker has those hidden smiles behind them like someone is talking dirty and you know it but are hiding it.

How do we explain these words to our children and grandchildren? If one is caught talking about this stuff to children, child services or the moral and legal police might get involved. So must we keep quiet and hope young Harry or Sylvia, young children with big eavedropping ears, tells our kids for us? In my case I had 5 older sisters and was the reference guide for many young boys my age who had a lot of questions. Little did they know I was as much in the dark as they but did have first hand knowledge of bras and girdles because of the secret clothes line in our bathroom.

So what words confuse or have confused you. Please list a few here and explain. There are people out there like me that really need to know.


Even words from our Spanish, Asian, European or Alien friends from outer space are welcome.