Saturday, February 27, 2010


My friend cheers me up by sending me these funny emails. I look forward to them because they always make me laugh. It is good to have emails being sent to you. My sisters are good email people and it helps keep the family informed. My daughter is good even though she is a full time school teacher and raising four wonderful grandchildren. Unfortunately my nephews wife needs a new kidney. She had a transplant 10 years ago and needs a new one. Makes one think. Please keep her in your prayers her name is Eileen. Do you get a lot of emails?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Everybody is complaining about snow but the Olympic athletes. We see snow and think of snow shovels. They see snow as a challenge and medals. I like most of the sports but those pretty girls ice skating are the best. The snow boarding was pretty exciting; for some reason I got into that this year. Watching the Olympics and all the countries being together is pretty awesome to me especially because of the wars we are in. I hope someday all that will end and all the countries will be in the Olympics and peace will reign. Sigh! Anyway what is your favorite Winter Olympic Sport?

Friday, February 05, 2010

Pick me pick me!!!!

I went to a community meeting today. I learned that community meetings are kind of crazy especially if most of the people that show up are over 70. Not that being 70 is bad as much as entertaining. When one person talks or makes a suggestion the whole 70+ crowd gets into the action. At first I thought the 70 and older people were talking to the community then I finally realized they were talking to themselves. Like making comments to themselves, agreeing or not agreeing with what other people said and so on. Most of the people came dressed pretty casually but there were these two guys in suits. Wanna be politicians. They were pretty good at talking about nothing but satisfied that they got to talk and hear their own voices. The meeting only got out of hand a few times and some people left because of it. Well. Not really out of hand the one person that left said she was having brain problems and decided to leave. I was wondering what the brain problem was but was happy she wasn't packing a weapon. All in all after everybody heard themselves and were pleased with what they said most people were happy with the meeting. Basically nothing changed but complaints were complained then made to look like they were listened to and would be solved. What are your community meetings like?