Sunday, August 27, 2006

No Parking and I mean it!

How can there be peace in the world if two people can't even agree on who gets the parking space?

Ever go to park and you see a space, and then someone else gets there before you. It was a good space too. Close to the destination you wanted to go. Parking meter had time on it. It is the last space in the aisle or street and no one will block you in or park too close to you.

Some people have road rage others parking panic attacks after being slighted by a Parking Pirate. First the panic that some body else will get the space. Then there is the anger and rage because it was snatched away. There you are politely waiting for the car to vacate the space and you giving it room to back out and then....zoom....the Parking Pirate sneakes in and takes it. How do you react?

Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and Middle East mayhem and war. Is it over parking spaces?

In a way it is. It is over land. Who lives were and why? Who was there first? Who was there last?

Then there is the argument over oil and gas prices soaring up and up making transportation problems. Do high gas prices make the panic parkers more dangerous?
Do they make the Parking Pirates more aggressive, unethical and yes, immorial?
If this is the case maybe the United Nations should make a resolution to ban automobiles all together to solve this parking problem.

So, if people do not have cars they do not need parking spaces. Hence Peace in the world.

(Sigh) Unfortunately people do need some sort of transportation and will always need some place to park their horses, bikes, scooters, mules or whatever form of transport they need. Then they must get to that prize which is that Almighty Lottery Winning Prestine Parking Spot.

So the question remains. How can there be peace in the world if we can't even agree on who gets the parking space?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's behind the Microsoft word......

I was going to cheat. I wrote something awhile ago in my daily thought diary in Microsoft word. I lost it all. Not my mind that went awhile ago also. As you can tell the word for this post is "awhile."

Isn't it something the way people hang on to words sometimes. Like the word "like." Do you know a "like" word person? Does the "like" word person say "like" a lot because deep down in some post traumatic after thought in their life they want to really be liked? Which brings me to the "really" person. We all have met one of them in our lives "really!"

Is it an ethnic thing? Like and really is that like, really a white American thing?

I am a white person. Polish, Irish and German descent stuck with the American citizen stigma because I was born in Pennsylvania, which also makes me a Yankee.

So if you are Black, Asian or Hispanic you probably know people that say other words a lot in your society or whatever. Does that bother you? It really doesn't bother me. You see, I am not good with names but remember a "like" or "really" person a longer time after I meet them more than I can rememeber their name. Sometimes irritating is a good memory tool.

I think I shall think about this "awhile!"

Saturday, August 19, 2006

One second later.......

One day a person will ask a question. Then all of a sudden the world will end and the answer will never be heard. So I guess the question will never matter or need an answer to it, will it?

Anyway. Everyone seems to have some kind of problem that is bigger than anyone elses problem no matter what. It depends on the time the person and the situation.

Of course this is not what I want to write about either. It seems that I have not written a post for awhile and I am grasping at words and thoughts to try to make sense out of something for someone to read. Just in case they happen to stumble upon these words and thoughts because they are looking for something to read or do with some extra moments in their lives. Like you for instance. Hello! Thanks for reading this stuff. I really appreciate you taking the time. Leave a comment so I can read your posts and see how you came up with something for someone like me to read what you have to write, or say.

So..... I wonder what the last question in the world will be? I just hope it isn't this one.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Check, check and double checked

Leaving to visit my grandchildren in North Carolina.
Bought new swim suite for the pool - check.
Got all my old man medicine ready and filled - check.
Enough money in checking - check.
Motel reservations - check.
Car checked out for trip - check.
Mail to be picked up by friends - check.
Got maps and directions - check.
Rosary and prayer book, because you just never know - check.
KY Jelly in case I get lost in a canoe or raft on a stream with Burt Reynolds and he gets hurt and can't help me if I get kidnapped by a bunch of guys that play guitars and banjos in the woods - check.
Cell phone for emergencies - check.
Book on how to use cell phone for emergencies - check.
Tissues or extra toilet paper for those out of the way gas stations that never have the rolls filled - check.
GPS portable navigation hand held thing that I have been trying to figure out for the last 2 weeks and the only thing I learned was how to turn it on and off - check.
Packed clothes, razor, toothbrush etc. - check.
Checked out most beautiful full moon ever - check.
CD's and tapes for entertainment during long drive - check.
Water, snacks and stuff - check.
Full tank of gas - check.
Tools for emergencies and spare tire filled with air - check.
Got in car to start trip and car would not start and now I have to postpone the trip because I had to tow car to garage to get it fixed in morning - check and...........
Check Mate game over.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Of course we all love him.

I am not what one would consider a Christian Christian but I do like the guy. What bugs me is the lack of respect we have for him as a person. Jesus I mean. Take weddings for instance.

Jesus is my favorite person because he can change water into wine. I was an Alcoholic for years because I thought that is why he changed the water to wine in the first place. I was just waiting around for him to change the water to whiskey once in awhile. I drank whiskey and water because the soda and whiskey gave me hangovers.

Now consider that poor JC is always hanging around on that cross. Mindful of the great and wonderous thing that was, but I think it is about time we cut him a break and took him off the cross for awhile.

Like weddings for instance. Instead of having him hanging on the cross behind the bride and groom maybe we could dress him up all smiles and stuff like he was at the wedding feast in Caanan. He was probably looking good for that wedding and lets face it he had good times too. So maybe a picture of him waving a glass of wine in a toast like manner would be more wedding like then having him hang on the cross.

Baptisms too. These poor kids are being baptized underneath a guy on a cross, no wonder the kids cry. It isn't the water being pored on them, its the cross. So maybe we could have him in a picture with his mom or when he was telling the kids stories.

Now I am not trying to be blastfamous. I am just trying to make for a happier JC.
I love the guy and like I said most people love him. Can't we just be nice to him and remember that, yes there were good times and he wasn't being crucified all the time. When he comes back are we going to ask him to autograph the crucifixion pictures?

One more thing. Chocolate crosses should be banned from Easter Baskets. It's sick and there is no way a sane person should enjoy eating that chocolate.

Other than that, just happy memories. Nuff said.