Sunday, May 27, 2007


I went to the VA Hospital in Philadelphia to have an eye operation. My doctor did a great job. So did the anesthesiologist, nurses and other staff members. I salute them. They are the people we don't mention often that take care of us Vets. Plus as one other patient said after his operation, "That pretty Asian Doctor did a good job."

We have come so far, but still stop at those stereotypes once in awhile. We don't entirely see the person as a doctor, but a black, white, Asian, Russian, Indian or whatever color or nationality is represented, individual. I guess that is human nature.

It reminds me of the story of a guy in New York City. He sees a pretty Asian woman. He goes up to her and asks, "How do you say Hello in your language?" She looks at him and says, "Hello!" Then ads, "I was born in America as were my parents and grandparents."

My doctor is pretty though. So where all the other members of her staff. Yes! All were female, another stereotypical subject, and I felt I was in an operating room full of angels. So much so that I am thinking of hurting my other eye, just to get them to operate on me again.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I was watching the History Channel and it seems a lot of people who predict the future think that that is when the world is going to end. Which makes me believe that 12/20/2012 is going to be a very busy and different day. One thing anyone can predict is that, if the world does not end on 12/21/2012 then a lot of babies will probably be born after 8/21/2013.

The world has been predicted to have ended already a few times. We are still here. Yet, one day the world will end and the person who predicts it will never get to say, "I told you so." So why bother to predict something you cannot possibly cash in on?

Some of the signs I will be looking for that the world will end are:

Cows stop giving milk and no ice cream will be made. All of a sudden everything on TV will be reruns. No one will be buying Christmas presents until after 12/21/2012.
All the planets will line up with the sun and the planets larger than the sun will block out the sunlight so the smaller planets won't get any light for awhile. All credit will be canceled and all debts will have to be paid by the beginning of December 2012. All New Year Celebrations for the year 2013 will be canceled.

I'd like to write more but due to the limited time left, I decided I got a few things to take care of in case the world does end on 12/21/2012. or 12/21/12 notice it is all 12. The middle 12 is reversed. Maybe that is a sign that the prediction can be reversed also.

What do you think. What will be a sign the world will end for you?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Live for real!

Sometimes I think everyone is their own live TV show. They just don't realize it because there is no audience or laugh track. There seems to be plenty of advertisements though.

Everyday we live on a script some people say "Fate" has written for us. All we have to do is just go along with what happens. Most of the time things that do happen are not planned anyway. Not in my life. Even when I plan things about 80 or 90% of what I planned really happens and that is a high estimate. Usually the percentage is much much lower than that. Basically we are great at improvisations and winging it thru life. I guess what I am trying to say is we all know the script is constantly changing.

We have it all too. Drama, comedy, romance, or whatever script you can imagine. Sometimes we are our own documentaries too. That is what I call reflection.

Those advertisements I was talking about is when we need things like food, clothing, and shelter. That is when our mind goes thru a list of things we want, need, or just crave like chocolate.

I like to think the people we meet are like our guest stars or supporting cast and we also have our villians too, even though we don't want them.

The daily script usually plays out and we go to bed hoping that the curtain of death does not end or cancel our show.

If this isn't a sign I have been watching too much TV then I don't know what is?
Now if I can just figure out how to change the channel when something goes wrong, my life will be a hit.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

No notes needed.

Sometimes I get an idea on what I want to write about but I am too busy at the time to blog. So I depend on my memory and later on when I have time to write. The memory is gone. You would think I should have learned by now. What I do is write the whole blog in my mind, file and store it and somehow it gets deleted in time.

I had an idea about the reason we see less and less UFO's is because maybe the Aliens have a gas shortage or fuel problem and it is too expensive to visit planet Earth as much as they wanted. Then I had some ideas on death and then those ideas died with a few of my brain cells.

Those stories I have made up in my mind just sounded so good at the time I thought they would never leave. They unfortunately do and seem to never return.

Is it old age? I blame everything on getting older. This is starting to wear off. Just because I age doesn't mean I have to deteriorate in my brain all the time. I should give my brain some credit. It has gotten me this far.

How far is far? At the starting line of life, at birth, the race began. I just forget where the finish line is and why the heck am I running anyway. So I like to sit an rest once in awhile and relax. Then that old competitive spirit comes leaking in my brain and says, "Hey, get up and run before you lose the race of life."
Then I get up and start running blindly thru life again.

Well that's it. This is what I thought to write about. Next time I'll try to take notes and try to write something better. How do you get inspired?