Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Battery Acid

It happened like this. I was on my way to a funeral. I was all dressed up and my car would not start. I needed a new battery. The only battery the store had was one that had to be filled with acid and then charged for about an hour. I got the battery and rushed home then filled the battery and put it on the charge. An hour later I still had time to do a quick viewing at the funeral. On the way there it started to rain and I could not find a space near the funeral home so I got wet walking from the car to the funeral home. There I stood in front of the casket all prayerful and solemn like. I noticed people staring at me and looking kind of shocked. I thought they were mourning pretty good. After I paid my respects I went out to walk back to my car. It was then that I noticed that my jacket, pants and shirt were shredding away. I must have gotten battery acid on me and the rain mixed with the acid just ate away my clothes. I then realized that this happened while I was standing in front of the casket and the people were not mourning but in shock watching my clothes melt off my body. I later learned that there is a small hose with the battery that is used to fill the battery with acid. I did not know this and was pouring the acid into those little tiny holes right from the acid container. I must have missed the holes and made a battery acid mess that got on my clothes. Did you ever have this happen to you?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life in a vacuum.

Here is what happened. My water heater broke and flooded my apartment. It soaked the rug and the rug stunk to high heaven. I got the maintenance dept. to Shop-vac the water up but the smell was still there and the rug was still a little damp. I had to put fans on the floor and ran them for two days straight. That dried the rugs. Then I got carpet cleaner and used that. Just for extra smell protection I bought some smell fresh stuff and put that around to help the smell. Every thing worked pretty well. The carpet is now clean and the smell is gone. The problem is I am not too good with a vacuum cleaner it turns out. I got my throw rug caught in it. Two electrical plugs and a radio antennae which pulled down the radio and smashed it. I also learned there is a rug setting and a floor setting to the vacuum. I kind of made a mess out of the kitchen floor. If you empty out the vacuum cleaner, when it is full, you have to be careful or you will have to clean it up again, twice. The last time I did this I had cats; they are still in therapy. Thats it. How are you at cleaning?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Summer time and the writing is skimpy.

I have been not writing as much as I use to. I have been learning things though. Did you know crows have brains that can compare to a monkeys brain. I watched a video in which a crow thought out how to pick up a small bucket of food by bending a piece of wire into a hook. I saw a cat get a bag stuck on its head and walk around the room acting like there was no bag on its head and the cat was playing it cool. I am waiting to find out if the Michael Jackson imitators will surpass the Elvis ones now that Michael has passed. I watched a friend of mine, she is over 55, explain to her teenage son why she should buy a motorcycle and her son argue back why she should not. I think this was amusing because it is usually the other way around. Every time my bike backfires I notice people run for cover like they are being shot at. Then I wonder how paranoid are we becoming that a backfiring bike freaks people out. So as you can see I have been sort of busy. How about you anything pop up to make you want to write something down?

Thursday, July 02, 2009


If you are sitting in front of a computer in a tire store waiting to buy a tire or your car is being serviced and you are reading this. Then hello and welcome. I left my blog on this computer so everyone could see this. Then tell me what have you done lately to let people know you exist and are you having fun reading this?