Monday, December 31, 2007

Passed Away

Time is a fickle thing. Sometimes it takes forever for a second. Like when you are waiting for a bad day in work to end and that clock just won't hit the time for you to go home. Then there is the time you spend with a loved one that wants you to keep singing that, "Time in a Bottle," song.

I remember waiting for a movie to come in the theater so I could go see it and now it is on DVD. I saw the movie, ate the popcorn, and now there it is on sale already.

I am no Al Einstein, but my time and space does not seem to match any mathematical equation I know of. Like now I am sitting here writing and time is dragging on. Then I will finish, go to sleep and I time travel. I wake up hours later after some episodes of dream sequences flash on by. While I slept some poor guy on the late night third shift is wondering when his night will end. His long night and my seemingly seconds of sleep do not match up correctly as far as time goes. Time does not stop when I close my eyes but why does it seem to go faster?

Time to say Happy New Year. Funny it seems like I just said it a year or so ago!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas is finally over, unless you are Russian anyway. I was reflecting about my holiday and it went pretty well. I put a few presents on my porch and they were stolen. I do this every year. I live in a rough neighborhood and usually put some toys and stuff on my porch and wait until they get stolen. I use to give the toys to the Marines but then one year I left them on the porch and poof they were gone. Since then that is what I do. I figured out that if someone has to steal toys they needed them more that the Marine kids. So every year I put them out there and I know some poor kid got something for Christmas.

My friend got her daughter a Hannah from Montana wig. The child put it on and waved her head around like a rock singer until she got a headache. Then she took off the wig and combed it. You cannot comb or brush those wigs. The wig ended up looking like the hair on a fan after a fun night with the band. Her daughter felt really bummed but her birthday is Jan. 2 so we got her a replacement wig.

Got lots of left over food from my friends and family so I don't have to grocery shop for a good week. My nieces and nephews make sure I get the leftovers their mom cooks. Their mom, my sister, likes to experiment with dressing and pies. Unfortunately her experimentations lack the life Frankenstein had. So I sort of do them a favor by taking the leftovers. They really appreciate that.

Hope you all have a happy New Year too!

Monday, December 24, 2007


I was bouncing around today and went over to a couple of my friends homes. My friends grandchild is a little over 1 year and he was laughing and admiring the tree. My other friends grandchild is under 1 year and she was laughing at a dancing little Christmas character with a fuzzy white hat. I felt all happy inside and had the thought that a child's laughter is what made that star glow so bright on Christmas eve. My own grandchildren fill my many cups of good cheer all year round. That is all. I just wanted to share some giggles for Christmas. Hope you hear a lot yourself.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What Holiday?

Is an ecard for the holidays OK to send to friends or is it more proper to send ones thru the mail, in envelopes, with stamps, better? I said, "Happy Holidays," to some one today and they were offended. They wanted a specific holiday greeting. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whatever country they are from that they are celebrating and their special religion. What is this political correctness stuff all about during the holidays? Now Seinfeld started Festivis, what is that all about and do I have to acknowledge that too? So with all this holiday confusion I have, why is just saying, "Happy Holidays," all of a sudden is not enough? The problem is with the calenders. We need a calender that has all the holidays for all the countries and all the religions listed so we know what to say and when. Maybe I could say, "Have a good day," and leave it at that. I could say, "Happy Unspecific Holiday." I like the holidays though and will probably keep saying, "Happy Holidays," and risk the negative feed back.

What is your holiday? Whatever it is I hope you have a happy one.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bubble Gum

I have a sister that once wrote a letter to a bubble gum company that she bought a defective bubble gum. When she took the packaging off the gum she found it had a dent in it. The bubble gum looked deformed to her. So she re wrapped the gum, wrote a letter to the gum company and sent them the dented defective piece of bubble gum. The bubble gum company wrote her back apologized and sent her a whole box of bubble gum. We had enough bubble gum for almost a whole year. Unfortunately it also sent her on a quest. Ever since then whenever she gets a defective or bad product she writes to the company and hopes to get an apology and some product back. It has gotten to the point that she just sent back a package of paper napkins because they were wrinkled. She sent back a pizza because the box was flimsy and I think you get the picture. The monster was thus created and let loose.

Don't get me wrong I think it is great to complain about some things and I am proud that she does. The wrinkled napkins did kind of make me wonder. Have you a monster that was created in your house that has left it's cave?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Try Me

I have been having a great time Christmas shopping. I like going to the toy areas in all the stores. They have these great toys that have buttons that say, "Try Me." I love these things and push them all the time. Sometimes I get 3 or 4 going at once. Sure, I get funny looks from most of the adults, but the kids think it is great. Problem is which toy has the least amount of pushed buttons. I would hate to get one of these toys home and find out the button no longer works. So I pick the toy in the middle and leave the one out front to stay as the "Try Me" toy. I think more stuff should have "Try Me" buttons or some sort of way to be able to try a product before you buy it. I did get scared once by one of these toys. I bought one and when I got home the house was dark and I put down the bag to get the light. They toy went off and I thought someone was in the house and I yelled, "Hey who is there and what are you doing in my house?" I got the light on and no one was there; then I realized what had happened. Still, I like these toys. How about you?

Sunday, December 09, 2007




I am having a heck of a blogging experience. I had to go thru a few new passwords and emails but hopefully I am back. This is just a little note to let you know I did not forget to blog, just could not get to it. The good news is I lost 20 lbs. I celebrated by having a double double pizza from Pizza Hut. Now I only lost about 18 lbs. Hey! What can I say old habits die hard. I am walking a mile a day. Then going back to sleep because I am depressed about my blog and cannot seem to solve this problem. My next blog will be a YES! If this post makes it and I can post my YES in celebration.