Monday, December 31, 2007

Passed Away

Time is a fickle thing. Sometimes it takes forever for a second. Like when you are waiting for a bad day in work to end and that clock just won't hit the time for you to go home. Then there is the time you spend with a loved one that wants you to keep singing that, "Time in a Bottle," song.

I remember waiting for a movie to come in the theater so I could go see it and now it is on DVD. I saw the movie, ate the popcorn, and now there it is on sale already.

I am no Al Einstein, but my time and space does not seem to match any mathematical equation I know of. Like now I am sitting here writing and time is dragging on. Then I will finish, go to sleep and I time travel. I wake up hours later after some episodes of dream sequences flash on by. While I slept some poor guy on the late night third shift is wondering when his night will end. His long night and my seemingly seconds of sleep do not match up correctly as far as time goes. Time does not stop when I close my eyes but why does it seem to go faster?

Time to say Happy New Year. Funny it seems like I just said it a year or so ago!


bikerbro-Ruffline said...

With the wind at my back, and gas in the tank ,and R we there yet atti-dude!. "From a Bikerbro spate" ....have it friggin great in '08". Seeya Bro!

Joshua said...

Delighted to be here! Beautiful chumly chumlyness of life there! PALAVROSSAVRVS REX! Long live Spider-Man!

O Tempo é algo precioso said...

Que bom que gostou das fotos! Seja bem vindo!

Sorry, but I don't speak english very well, but welcome to my blog, I want see you more there, see you, bye