Saturday, July 14, 2007

Boat Repair

I bought myself a new old boat and trailer. Old in the sense it was made in 1978, new in the sense I never owned it before. It is an aluminum row boat and does not have one leak. The previous owners took excellent care of it. The boat trailer, well that is another story. The wheels are good, but it needed new lights and some of the trailer parts were dry rotted and had to be replaced. I had the idea to glue, instead of drilling holes, in order to attach a cleat to hold my anchor rope. Unfortunately I am not good with glue and got it on my shirt, arms, pants, face and hands. It was good glue because after I was done I drove my car and my hands stuck to the steering wheel. Only a little skin came off when I wrenched my hands free.

The anchor is an old HC fruit drink can filled with concrete. So it isn't very heavy but just good enough to hold the boat in place. Except when it is windy. Still fishing is fun for me and I am not big on catching much just enjoying the day. The oars were a little beat up. Half the paddles were missing on each oar and they were kind of dry and warped. So I decided to replace them. I was given an old electric motor with it and man I never saw anything like this thing. It is small and has a picture of Edison on it. It does work and gets me around though. Then I noticed that the car battery that was used with it did not keep the charge long. I may replace that.

Finally I got some old pants and turned them into shorts to fish in. Old things are fun to do new things to them. Any new old projects in your life?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The brick in the wall

Did you ever watch one of those movies that enraptures you, takes you over and you forget the outside world. The movie 'The Wall' and that Pink Floyd music does that to me. The main thing is this movie makes me think and hits upon some points that have risen in my life like swords that have given me pain and pillows that have given me rest. There is a lot I do not understand, that is in the movie, but isn't that what life is. A series of questions that are never fully answered but give just enough insight to ask more questions and seek those ever elusive answers.

Yep! Once in awhile a movie comes along that does that to me. I am sure you have a movie that has done that to you. This is a good thing to get our brains refreshed with ideas and insights that need our attentions. It is good to be in awe for awhile and sit back and suck in all that the movie can offer. It is better when the movie is over and there is that hunger for more. Not a sequel but the time to get into ourselves and our existence and savor the electrical impulse in our minds that have awakened and given life to our souls.

The Wall does this to me when I watch it.

Those Sandra Bullock and Robin Williams movies do something to me too, but it is best I don't get into them just now. I enjoy them in a very very different way.