Saturday, July 14, 2007

Boat Repair

I bought myself a new old boat and trailer. Old in the sense it was made in 1978, new in the sense I never owned it before. It is an aluminum row boat and does not have one leak. The previous owners took excellent care of it. The boat trailer, well that is another story. The wheels are good, but it needed new lights and some of the trailer parts were dry rotted and had to be replaced. I had the idea to glue, instead of drilling holes, in order to attach a cleat to hold my anchor rope. Unfortunately I am not good with glue and got it on my shirt, arms, pants, face and hands. It was good glue because after I was done I drove my car and my hands stuck to the steering wheel. Only a little skin came off when I wrenched my hands free.

The anchor is an old HC fruit drink can filled with concrete. So it isn't very heavy but just good enough to hold the boat in place. Except when it is windy. Still fishing is fun for me and I am not big on catching much just enjoying the day. The oars were a little beat up. Half the paddles were missing on each oar and they were kind of dry and warped. So I decided to replace them. I was given an old electric motor with it and man I never saw anything like this thing. It is small and has a picture of Edison on it. It does work and gets me around though. Then I noticed that the car battery that was used with it did not keep the charge long. I may replace that.

Finally I got some old pants and turned them into shorts to fish in. Old things are fun to do new things to them. Any new old projects in your life?


Tina H. said...

You wished me a happy birthday.
Wanted to let you know I appreciated that.
Been reading some of your old posts and have to tell you are a great writer and thinker.
Take Care

the fourth person said...

thanks for dropping by.



BetteJo said...

I love your cow post - and your humor is fun. Hope your hands are okay after gluing them to the steering wheel.

I always admire good writing - sometimes a sentence at a time - and you had a phrase in one of your posts - the one about being alone - that way just dynamite.
"that thunderous silence is storming around the kitchen" - That is wonderful! Now THAT is good imagery!

Thanks for visiting my blog - I appreciate people who don't think I'm entirely crazy. Hmmm. You didn't say that, did you? :)

The Family Jewels said...

Oh my goodness! Your brain is fun to be in! I had to stop to comment, but I'm going back in!!!

Gemilang said...
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Gemilang said...

Hmm. I don't have a new project in my life, but I'm going to the UK in 2009! That'll be a huge change in my life. I've never left home, not for a year, and the longest time was just about 7 days. For camping. This time around I'll be leaving home to complete my degree course...

I was browsing through the blogs and I was led here. The cow question is tough. But I suppose a hamburger doesn't contain a whole cow. So, don't worry about that!

I admire your perceptions about things. A great thinker. Ciao!

Anip said...

The glue 'incident' reminds me of my childhood moments and how stupid I was. When I was playing at a new housing construction site, which was 70% finished, I found a can of glue. It was hard to open, but I insisted to open it to pour it on the floor and let the workers clean it up. Once it was opened I spilled half of the glue on my shirt, actually, it was my mom's fav shirt. When my mom was looking for it, I pretended knowing nothing. Until now, I think, exactly after this, I'm gonna call and tell my mom bout the shirt.

Lynn said...

I have nothing old new in my world lately. But I did get a new tent.
Our dining tent is heavy canvas, and with Carl being away with the military I realized that if I wanted to use a dining tent by myself, I could not use the big canvas one.
I went to Canadian Tire, which is large hardware store in Canada, same as Whites if they still have them in the States, and I bought a nylon tent with graphite poles. I can put it up myself! But the outside awning flaps are so wide that I can't roll them up by myself, so I always have to have them as canopies. I like the new tent.

Anonymous said...

I have spent the past hour going through your previous posts. Very entertaining. Some even insightful. As for the glue, I had to comment. For whatever reason, I want to use super glue to fix everything. It is my Duct tape for life. And inevitably, I will always glue my fingers together, leave large bumps of dried glue on my table and counters and never actually get the object in question glued together in a fixed manner. Stores refuse to sell glue to minors because they're afraid of misuse, but I actually think I've gotten myself in more trouble using glue properly.