Sunday, July 27, 2008


I think friendships are a little different when they are between men, then friendships that are between women. Men tend to make fun of or "bust" each other. Like today I am a wuss. My friends wanted me to go motorcycling with them but I had to refuse. I had a few reasons; all of which were not good enough but I did not go for the ride with my friends. Well, they went and it rained on them. So now I am a wuss. A dry wuss, but a wuss nevertheless because I did not go and get rained on. It is taken in a comical light and we all are having a good laugh at my expense. Now women on the other hand, I do not know how they "bust" each other or if they make fun of each other at all. I hear women are "catty" and I am not sure what exactly that means. I have 5 older sisters and I can not really recall how they made fun of each other or if they did at all. So they question is do women make fun of each other and poke fun at each other at certain times? Let me know. That way if I do make fun of a woman I will do it correctly and not get punched, which come to think of it, my sisters did punch me from time to time when I tried to be funny.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Did you ever want to go left and end up going right? Sometimes I go straight or forward and end up going backward. Then there are the times I have to make a decision and make the wrong one. Once in awhile I do get it right and go left when I am suppose to; and go forward to win. Life is funny like that.

I am sitting here trying to write something profound but all I keep doing is getting into the dance music I am listening to. I want to dance. Why do I think I should write something of importance anyway? Who the heck do I think I am? I guess I am looking for attention and a few comments on my blog here. But why?

Maybe I am going right when I should be going left right now. Who really cares where I end up anyway? Sometimes I care and sometimes I do not. I guess we are all like that once in awhile. Sometimes we want to be profound and sometimes we just want to dance. How about you? Do you feel profound or would you be better off profoundly dancing? Whatever! Have a hug and a twirl.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


At one time in my life I looked forward to doing my laundry. I was married and would try to help my wife do the laundry. She did not like the way I did it. Something about separating special clothes for special washing. After my daughter graduated high school my wife went South and I stayed North. I got my own home and my own washer and drier. I was in heaven. I liked using those machines that were previously banned to me. Now I am older and because of my health I had to get a small efficiency apartment that is not efficient in the laundry department. My apartment is too small for laundry facilities. I forgot how spoiled I was with my own stuff. Going out to do laundry really sucks. When I was in the military I was on a ship and we put all our laundry in these bags and hoped we got them back with all the same clothes we sent out to be cleaned. That was interesting and made me appreciate my own cleaning machines. My friends just got a new washer and drier and made a special room for them and call it a "laundry room". I was at their home when they did their first laundry tryout. They have the Whirlpool Duet ones and they are big, really run quiet and are just awesome.

I am just laundry rambling now. It is true you do not know what you got until it's gone. In this case it is called laundry facilities. So if you hate doing laundry give me a call I'll be happy to help. Heck, I'll even bring coffee or refreshments while we wait for the drier to do its thing.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Just what is a holiday? Why do humans need them? Why don't squirrels or dogs or cats or any other animals have holidays? What makes a holiday? Is there pressure for people to have the perfect BBQ or party on a holiday? What happens when it rains, or the fireworks fizzle or your husband or wife is acting grumpy? Does you family get together and have fun or is there a holiday fight that occurs? America has the 4Th of July, Canada has the 1st of July and all countries have their holiday day. I like holidays. I get the day off. Not all people get the holiday off. Which is kind of unfair. Then again not all people celebrate holidays and just see these days as just another day. Yet! For some reason we humans have to have them. Holidays happen in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Some are more popular than others and some are more important than others. It depends on your holiday mood, I guess. That is all I have. I hope you have at least one holiday a year you enjoy. What is your favorite one and what one could you do without? Do we have enough or could we use more? What do you think?