Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days

The President has been around 100 days now. In those 100 days I have maintained my weight, well kind of a few pounds here and there. My daughter's children are now 100 days older and my daughter had a birthday during those 100 days. The weather has gotten so good I have taken my motorcycle out of my friends garage and I have been riding it. Spring has come and the ice cream places that were closed are now open; if I buy 4 more ice cream treats I get a free one. My daughters husband is still active in the National Guard and is still safe. Two VW Things have come up for sale but I still cannot afford to buy any of them. One is yellow and one is red. My YMCA membership ran out and I renewed but the cost of the membership went up. I am still a fan of Lost and Law and Order on TV. I like the new show The Unusuals. I am still single and very happy with that. So all in all my life has not had quite the ups and downs President Obamas' has had. The thing I have in common with him is that I have been around 100 days just like him and just like you. What has happened to you in the last 100 days?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dream days.

What if you could get your secret hearts desire? What if you could fly like Superman or have a loving affair with the person of your fantastical fantasies? Just think of something that could make your life so different than it usually is. Think for a moment what would you like to do that really is impossible for you to do? Enjoy this thought for awhile. Simply let your imagination and thoughts soar and go to places that you would like to be for just a moment. Try to do this sober and free of drugs. Hopefully do this in a quiet room by yourself with no witnesses to put you away when you do it. Or what the heck in front of thousands of witnesses so after they see what you have just done it can be an inspiration for them to do it themselves. I think this should be done once in awhile just to keep life interesting. If you do it what would you think of? Why do it at all? I guess because it is good to get funky and positive about life once in awhile. Thats all!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The last second before the first one.

Things move very fast today. Take for instance recipes. Way back before the Internet, books, phones and cave writings. If a person found a new way to cook something the only way to pass it on was to give it to a tribe member or relative. Now, to make a long story short, we have the Internet. Someone finds a new idea for frying Oreo Cookies and bam. The idea goes on the Internet and within a matter of minutes thousands of people now know how to fry an Oreo Cookie. Which is pretty good for the people that make Oreo Cookies. It is the knowledge that is on the Internet that overwhelms me. There is almost nothing one cannot find on the Internet. If you have a question about anything you do not have to wait for mom or dad to come home, all you have to do is google. Which is kind of depressing because moms and dads should be asked all kinds of silly questions about stuff that they know nothing about. Grandparents use to be the pillars of knowledge but now they are being replaced by Wickiedia. Hopefully I am wrong about all this and silly questions between parents, grandparents and their children will always exist. How about you. How do you get all your information?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Sometimes I wish I could write or say something profound. I like to read quotes from famous people then reflect on their profound sayings. I like profound video's, movies, books, art work and just profound stuff in general. Generally profound stuff is not general. Profound stuff stands out all alone. I wonder if that makes profound stuff lonely? Maybe it is not so much the profound stuff but the feeling I get when I read or see profound stuff. Like watching fireworks and going ooohhhh and aaaaaaahhhhhhh when the fireworks are profound. Pro is a word that reminds me of a professional or something I have a positive outlook for. Found like finding something that is lost. Profound. I find a lot of bland and blah stuff. That is unprofound stuff. I wonder what people notice more? Do they notice more profound stuff or more unprofound stuff? Does that mean their life is profound or unprofound?
Is there a problem if there is too much profound in ones life? Is there a problem if there is not enough profound in ones life? Is your life profoundly balanced? Just being alive is pretty profound don't you think?