Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Sometimes I wish I could write or say something profound. I like to read quotes from famous people then reflect on their profound sayings. I like profound video's, movies, books, art work and just profound stuff in general. Generally profound stuff is not general. Profound stuff stands out all alone. I wonder if that makes profound stuff lonely? Maybe it is not so much the profound stuff but the feeling I get when I read or see profound stuff. Like watching fireworks and going ooohhhh and aaaaaaahhhhhhh when the fireworks are profound. Pro is a word that reminds me of a professional or something I have a positive outlook for. Found like finding something that is lost. Profound. I find a lot of bland and blah stuff. That is unprofound stuff. I wonder what people notice more? Do they notice more profound stuff or more unprofound stuff? Does that mean their life is profound or unprofound?
Is there a problem if there is too much profound in ones life? Is there a problem if there is not enough profound in ones life? Is your life profoundly balanced? Just being alive is pretty profound don't you think?

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