Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days

The President has been around 100 days now. In those 100 days I have maintained my weight, well kind of a few pounds here and there. My daughter's children are now 100 days older and my daughter had a birthday during those 100 days. The weather has gotten so good I have taken my motorcycle out of my friends garage and I have been riding it. Spring has come and the ice cream places that were closed are now open; if I buy 4 more ice cream treats I get a free one. My daughters husband is still active in the National Guard and is still safe. Two VW Things have come up for sale but I still cannot afford to buy any of them. One is yellow and one is red. My YMCA membership ran out and I renewed but the cost of the membership went up. I am still a fan of Lost and Law and Order on TV. I like the new show The Unusuals. I am still single and very happy with that. So all in all my life has not had quite the ups and downs President Obamas' has had. The thing I have in common with him is that I have been around 100 days just like him and just like you. What has happened to you in the last 100 days?

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Anne Blythe said...

Ah. That is a such a long time. Ok, I struggled with studying, cried a lot, struggled with studying, divulged secrets, struggled with studying, gave my exams, which went not to bad considering my state, rediscovered ER, made a new friend, watched How I Met your Mother season 3, Watched TED talks (OH I LOVE THEM!), blogged, read your blog, went gaga over my 2-yr old neighbour, designed a menu card..

Hey! I like this!