Friday, October 30, 2009

Free Candy

I remember when I was a Halloween kid. One year I could not go collect candy on Halloween Day because I had a family thing going on. So I decided I would get my free candy on October 30th the day before. I was thinking like it was Christmas Eve or Halloween Eve so it seemed cool for me to get my free candy. I went and knocked on the usual doors and many of the neighbors recognized me and asked why I was early? I explained my reasoning and they kind of shook their heads, rolled their eyes, some smiled some looked irritated. Whatever the reaction I got my candy. It was not the best Halloween but the good thing was there were no lines at the doors. How about you did you ever have a Halloween problem? How did you solve it?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gas Cap

It does not pay to be in a hurry. I went to the gas station today and was in a rush. I really did not have to be in a hurry but in my mind I did. So at the gas station I took off the gas cap and put it on the roof of my car. Yep! I forgot I put the gas cap up there because I was in a hurry. I drove off and heard the gas cap roll over the hood and fall to the ground. I went back and saw the gas cap sitting in the road. Unfortunately before I could get to it another car ran over it and crushed it. There was a lady sitting in her car watching this. I picked up the crushed gas cap and went to her car and showed her it. I said, "Can you believe that guy just ran over my gas cap?" She looked a little frightened and nodded her head in a yes gesture. I saw the. "Who is this guy and why is he doing this to me?" look in her eye. I thew the broken gas cap in the garbage then left the shaken lady. It cost me $10 for a new gas cap. I do not know what was worse getting my gas cap crushed or scaring that poor lady. What do you think was worse?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Know any good jokes? Life seems to be a little better when a joke or two is told. Sometimes funny things just happen too. My friend told me he was dreaming of mufflers and pipes. He woke up and he was exhausted. Another guy said he had a friend whose last name was Odd. Well Mr. Odd died and at the funeral everyone noticed that on his tombstone nothing was written. Finally someone said, "Now that is Odd." then it all made sense. Children say funny things, adults and senior citizens can always put on a show without realizing it. Funny happens. I hope you heard a joke or something funny happened to you today. If it did pass it on because laughter truly is the best medicine.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Friend in Japan

According to some of my emails I have a friend in Japan. I also have a lot of people trying to leave me money or I have won a big lottery in the UK. It is good to know I have all these friends. I went swimming today and it was one of the best swims I had in awhile. Usually when I do the backstroke I get into it and forget the pool ends. I end up hitting my head a lot. Today that did not happen once. Maybe my email friends and that friend in Japan was looking out for me. My real friends I try to see during the week and on weekends. They help me fix my bike when I crash it and I try to get them coffee as much as I can. They like coffee. My one friend was feeling a little poorly this week but his wife said he is better now. He had to have some medical test done and it is over now and he is good. I visited another friend that owns a garage. He is going to check out a problem I am having with my car. He said he makes really good ribs and I should try them. I bought him an ice tea. I hope you have friends. If not drop me a line and if you like I could hook you up with that friend in Japan.