Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gas Cap

It does not pay to be in a hurry. I went to the gas station today and was in a rush. I really did not have to be in a hurry but in my mind I did. So at the gas station I took off the gas cap and put it on the roof of my car. Yep! I forgot I put the gas cap up there because I was in a hurry. I drove off and heard the gas cap roll over the hood and fall to the ground. I went back and saw the gas cap sitting in the road. Unfortunately before I could get to it another car ran over it and crushed it. There was a lady sitting in her car watching this. I picked up the crushed gas cap and went to her car and showed her it. I said, "Can you believe that guy just ran over my gas cap?" She looked a little frightened and nodded her head in a yes gesture. I saw the. "Who is this guy and why is he doing this to me?" look in her eye. I thew the broken gas cap in the garbage then left the shaken lady. It cost me $10 for a new gas cap. I do not know what was worse getting my gas cap crushed or scaring that poor lady. What do you think was worse?

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Sarah Fitzpatrick said...

I'm not going to lie, this made me chuckle! I think having to cough up the $10 is worse! Plus, you probably gave the old woman to "stitch and female dog" about. :)