Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Half Baked.

I like a frozen pizza once in awhile but I usually heat it in the oven before I eat it. I just wanted to make sure you did not think I ate frozen pizza. No I really bake it up first. The problem is that I get a half burned pizza and a half good pizza. I cannot explain this. It does not happen with all the pizzas I buy only the DiGiorno ones. It does not happen with the DiGiorno self rising ones, just the regular ones. I have a lot of other half baked stuff in my life. Like half baked ideas, and half baked laundry. For some reason I have to dry my clothes twice because after the first dry they are damp. The other day I pored milk into my cereal bowl and got half of it in the bowl and the other half out of the bowl. This happens when I drink sometimes. I seem to have leaky lips and I end up with half of the drink in me and the other half on my chin and shirt. I get half thoughts once in awhile. I will be thinking about something then forget what I was thinking about half way through the thought. Life is half baked sometimes. Do you ever have half baked things happen to you? Let me know so I will feel less baked.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dog dreams.

I was having coffee at my friends house and we were talking about dreams about dogs. I have had a few of them in my time. Mostly I am playing with them or they are peeing on my leg. I have had a few cat dreams too. Those dreams usually have them dragging me around the yard like a rabbit or bird they just caught. Don't get me wrong I love dogs and cats but sometimes I have strange dreams when they are involved. How about you do you ever dream about your pets?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lack of Sleep again.

I have mentioned a few times about my problem with not being able to get to sleep. I am having this problem again. I am just sitting here and my mind is racing around and around. I am thinking about a neat time in India called Holi and during this time the people in India get to play with colors. They throw color around, paint each other with it and have one great heck of a time. I think I would have enjoyed that celebration. I was thinking about getting a bunch of colors and throwing them on my friends but I don't like pain much. Then I was thinking what it would be like to talk to God. Like, "Hey God what's up?" Create anyone or anything new today?" I would keep it light and not ask him anything profound because I am just not into profound today. I might ask him if he wanted to go to India with me and have a color celebration. Then I thought better not be talking to God. If he talks back to me then I will probably be put on new and different kinds of mind medication. So I am just sitting here and writing silly things and hoping I will get tired. Do you have a hard time sleeping at times? Let me know I am not doing anything right now and I would like to hear from you. If not maybe I will try throwing colors at God.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I like getting a good bargain. My friend just bought a new computer and he went surfing on the Internet looking at motorcycles. He found a 1988 Harley 1200 Sportster with a trailer. So he told a friend of his that was looking to buy a bike and they went and checked it out. They ended up getting the bike and trailer for a mere one thousand dollars. The bike had brand new tires on it, no rust, needed a little chrome polishing and the speedometer needs to be replaced. The trailer had new tires on it and also no rust. All in all the bike runs great and he even got a battery charger with it. Oh yeah! He was also lucky to get a brand new spare tire for the trailer. Another thing the previous owner did was swap the chain drive for a brand new belt drive system. Maybe this would not excite someone else but for me and my friends this was a great deal. My latest deal for my self was a sale on Ben & Jerry Ice Cream. Have you found any deals lately?

Monday, March 09, 2009

Excuse me please!

I went and got my 6 month hair cut today. I get one every six months or so weather I need one or not. Mostly I need one. I was feeling good after my hair cut so I thought I would go to Walmart to get some shirts. I was in Walmart and got a basket to put my "stuff" in. I usually get a basket because my legs are not 100% and leaning on the basket helps me walk. Anyway. I got the basket and started pushing it. Then this sweet little ol lady grabs the handle on the basket I am pushing, gives me a little push, and says thank you. Then she takes off with my basket. I was standing there watching her walk away with my basket and yes I had a shocked look on my face and my mouth was wide open. I gasped lady that is my basket. She turned around smiled and as she was walking away she said over her shoulder, "Oh! Thanks. Oh do you want it back?" I stammered out, "No no forget it just take it okay!" She smiled and without slowing down a bit kept on going and disappeared down the aisle. There was a man standing there and witnessed the whole thing and he was bent over laughing. He worked there and kept saying and laughing, "Wow I never saw that happen before!" Then I started thinking and wondering how bad my hair cut may have looked. Maybe she thought I was mentally unsound or something and with my new hair cut that is how I looked. Anything like this ever happen to you? I talked about it to a few of my friends and they said it never happened to them.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


It is nice to see someone I know doing good. I spent some time with a person today that really turned his life around. He went through some bad times and now his career is taking off and he is doing great things with his life. I also happen to know his father and his father is in a profession that helps people. I know his father is very proud of him as his entire family is also proud . It is just great to see something like this happening to someone I know. I like celebrating when good things happen to good people. Sometimes I get too involved in my own ego-ness and lose sight of what is going on around me. It is nice to get to stop, look around and enjoy the beauty of what good is happening around my friends. I hope you have friends that are doing good and I hope you are part of their celebration. If someone you know and love is doing good, feel free let me know then we both can enjoy some shared life victories.