Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lack of Sleep again.

I have mentioned a few times about my problem with not being able to get to sleep. I am having this problem again. I am just sitting here and my mind is racing around and around. I am thinking about a neat time in India called Holi and during this time the people in India get to play with colors. They throw color around, paint each other with it and have one great heck of a time. I think I would have enjoyed that celebration. I was thinking about getting a bunch of colors and throwing them on my friends but I don't like pain much. Then I was thinking what it would be like to talk to God. Like, "Hey God what's up?" Create anyone or anything new today?" I would keep it light and not ask him anything profound because I am just not into profound today. I might ask him if he wanted to go to India with me and have a color celebration. Then I thought better not be talking to God. If he talks back to me then I will probably be put on new and different kinds of mind medication. So I am just sitting here and writing silly things and hoping I will get tired. Do you have a hard time sleeping at times? Let me know I am not doing anything right now and I would like to hear from you. If not maybe I will try throwing colors at God.

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Anne Blythe said...

I've done both, played Holi and talked to god. Interestingly, I would talk to god informally too.

I don't really know what could help you insomnia except medication though.