Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gnat-sty or Nasty

Went for a ride on my motorcycle with my friends today. There must have been a bug hatch or something because we filled our windshields, hair, faces, pants and any other exposed part of our bikes and bodies with gnats. Little black ones. Then the adult bugs started to attach themselves to our windshields too. I noticed other cars using their windshield washers/wipers and it was a clean sunny day with no rain. I wonder what they were cleaning off their windshields? Such are the simple pleasures of spring time Sunday rides.

I got home and washed and debugged my hair and stuff and now I am wallowing in that nice after bath/shower feeling. What did you do today?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Decades Past

I have lived thru a few decades. I was born in the 50's and the music was Elvis and Rock and Roll. Then I experienced the 60's as a teenager and the world was Beatles, and Death of American Hero's. I drifted thru the 70's and marched to military music and danced a few disco nights away. The 80's was my party decade and the 90's my hangover and recovery years. Then the decades became lost and drifted away from me. I watched terrorism seed itself then creep past me. I crossed the universe of my life and worried about how hair spray was good for my hair but troubling in the atmosphere. My life was always underlined by those damn wars. World War I and especially the World of War II. My parents faced a world of destruction and I faced a rebirth of ideas and what shall we do with the freedom just won? Today I enjoy a daughter and grandchildren and wonder how their decades will define them. Some children died in past decades, Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm and we are still left in shock and awe. Now Hillary the hippie, McCain the veteran and segregated Obama have risen up with me in these past decades. They represent my past in three different ways leading to one present road. So then, how did the decades shape you?

Monday, April 07, 2008


Sometimes I like to sit down with a nice tea or coffee drink, maybe even a juice or something else. Anyway, I put on some music and just visit other blogs. I like the ones with pictures of nature and those family blogs with funny pictures of children in loving blogger families. I get frustrated when I hit a blog written in another language. I wish I could speak all languages. I seem to get most of them because of that strange universal language which I cannot explain but sometimes understand. What I mean is the pictures always tell a story no matter what the language. I also get opinions and learn a great deal about what people are doing, especially in the art world when pictures and crafts are displayed. So if you get a strange comment from someone named Chumly. It is just me visiting and saying hello.