Saturday, January 30, 2010

There but somewhere else.

Sometimes my mind is not in the same place my body is in. Like today my body was in church but my mind was not present. I was home making a steak dinner and having some ice cream. Then there are times when I wish I were somewhere else and my mind flies off into another fantasy while my body is stuck where it is. Reading a book is special because I get into it and forget where I am physically as I get into the story. Watching football on TV takes my mind into the game and next thing I know I am sitting in the bleachers. Mind travel is sometimes a good thing. I do get frustrated when I want to concentrate on something but my mind is in its nomad state and wandering around aimlessly while I try to get something done. Well what can I say that is the way my mind works sometimes. How about you do you get to leave your body in some places while your mind is gone out to a party?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Barrett-Jackson Auction and ghosts.

My friend went to Arizona for the Barrett-Jackson Auction. They auction off all these classic old cars and some just strange cars. They auction some for charity but not all cars are auctioned off for charity. If you have a dream car check out this auction I am sure they will have it. I am also watching ghost stories on TV. I don't think I ever heard of a haunted car? If you have let me know I like ghost stories.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cabin Fever

Staying indoors can really play havoc in my mind. I was so bored I went on eBay and bid on on PlayStation PSP 3000. I won. I had to buy games and other things to get it to work properly. It was little complicated for me but I did get it working to my satisfaction. I got a spelling game and I am amazed on how bad my spelling became over the past decades. I also have been following the Haiti situation and I have donated twice. Cabin fever seems pretty good compared to having no cabin at all. Hope you are holding up this winter and I hope earthquakes stay out of your neighborhood too.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Swimming in 2010

I am still swimming along. I went back to the YMCA this year and continued my swimming. I am getting lazy with the machine that makes me feel like a rodent stuck in a wheel. I still like the swimming though. The thing I must remember is to dry my hair before going out. It seems the cold kind of freezes it and it breaks off. Plus it makes my head really cold. I am not much of a hat wearer although I have a hat with "Chumly" sewed into it. I think everyone should have their own personal hat. A hat, shopping cart and big oversize coat, and of course gloves with the fingers cut in half. Everybody always notices that guy or gal. So if you want to be popular this winter those are the things you need. Any ideas of your own. Let me know I like people who wave and stare at me. I think I make them happy. What do you think?