Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Swimming in 2010

I am still swimming along. I went back to the YMCA this year and continued my swimming. I am getting lazy with the machine that makes me feel like a rodent stuck in a wheel. I still like the swimming though. The thing I must remember is to dry my hair before going out. It seems the cold kind of freezes it and it breaks off. Plus it makes my head really cold. I am not much of a hat wearer although I have a hat with "Chumly" sewed into it. I think everyone should have their own personal hat. A hat, shopping cart and big oversize coat, and of course gloves with the fingers cut in half. Everybody always notices that guy or gal. So if you want to be popular this winter those are the things you need. Any ideas of your own. Let me know I like people who wave and stare at me. I think I make them happy. What do you think?

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