Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hail Austria

I was bar hopping around the blogs looking for some inspiration and I came across a blog called, "My Everyday Glamor." This person, Chililady, had a little film about a prom and it brought me back about a 1,000 or so years ago when I went to mine. I know there are some out there that did not go to their prom and if you are one of them. Check out that film. I have a feeling the world will be hearing more from this prodigy. The worst thing about my prom was it was a one date thing. I never saw her again but for me I just wanted a night out. In fact I think she moved out of town shortly thereafter, changed her name and gender. Oh well. I tend to inspire my dates.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Open Door Policy

I just watched an independent film called "One Giant Leap." It was a multinational film with people talking about religion, death, sex, and life in general. I had my open door policy going on in my mind and I opened my doors to this film. I then realized that I open many doors in my open door policy thing. I open doors to my friends when they need me or I need them. I open my doors when I want to do new things or open old doors to spend some time with familiar safe things and thoughts I like to do and think. I realized I have a pretty good open door policy. I have to admit that at times I do have a closed door policy. If I am heading into a room with a person I feel uncomfortable with. Door closes. If a situation seems threatening to me. Door Closes. Sometimes though things happen before I can open or close that door. Like an accident on my motorcycle or an argument that takes me by surprise. Then it is like someone or something jams their foot in the door and the door cannot be closed or is forced opened. I like opening my door to hugs, kisses and romance and those nice things in life. I think most everyone does.

What is your open door policy like?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Working Out

Hello! I have been working out a lot of things in my life today. I was working out if I should work out at home or go to the YMCA today. I worked out at home. I got this video from the VA, Veterans Administration, and I finally reached the old old old peoples workout plateau. The Veterans were all over 70 and got to do workouts while sitting down in chairs. We did a lot of stretching and after that we did a lot more stretching. Finally we finished with some stretching exercises and then cooled down by stretching. I think I am a 1/4 of an inch longer since my arms and legs have stretched so.

Then I decided to work out being unable to work. I was thinking of getting an Agent to help me in my writing career, which is not really a career at all, or applying for a unpaid extra in movies and TV. I opted for the unpaid extra and applied at an agency. I want to get out of the house more. I don't know why but I described myself as 55, 280 lbs, with a full head of hair. I am sure that the acting parts will be flooding in.

Finally I worked out if I should have Yogurt or a steak for dinner. I had both.

So what have you been working out in your life?

Monday, January 07, 2008

Ah Children!

I remember that when I became 7 leaning toward 8, my memory and mind melded together like a Picasso painting. My memories were colorful and my life experiences were full of angles. Which reminds me of a story of a little girl, her friend and her brother.

This little girl loved her brother. One fine day her and her friend decided to do something special for him. He was a blabbering five year old amazed with the world and craving his sisters attention. She and her friend were in those Picasso years, I just alluded to, and full of experimentations. The young ladies decided that they would make the little brother handsome beyond his years and gathered together some scissors and brushes and sparkles. After some intense and professional grooming they turned the young lad into a prince of men. His hair was a palace of perfection. Unfortunately the mother of these children had a different interpretation of the finished hair saloon client. To the mother his hair and head resembled glittering mange that the pet horse had once had the misfortune of developing.

A quick emergency trip to the family barber solved the mange problem and the young man now had a proper military haircut. The young ladies reluctantly gave up the keys to their hair emporium and retired early to their rooms for a well deserved rest.

The love between a brother and sister is wondrous and mysterious at times. It is pure and full of good intentions but sometimes the sparkles flash a bit too much.

Have you a childhood memory to share? Feel free to pick those rose memories and breath in their fragrances.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


A salute to a fallen friend that had Lou G. disease. He was a great guy named Tony. He was a biker, in a band, had great kids, and a wife that stood by him. He will be missed.

That is what a New Year is; full of beginnings and endings.

Well, time to take down the little red Christmas Tree and put away my Christmas Snow man. Maybe not. Sitting here looking at them I want to keep them up a few more days. After all there is a Russian Christmas, I think.

My neighbor got drunk and almost made it to his doorstep. He was a few feet away and decided to take a little nap before he got home. I remembered that New Year tradition of hitting a metal pot with a wooden spoon and I encouraged him to get into his home with the spoon and pot. He did not thank me for my help yet, but I am sure he will.

I like being a good neighbor how about you?