Thursday, January 03, 2008


A salute to a fallen friend that had Lou G. disease. He was a great guy named Tony. He was a biker, in a band, had great kids, and a wife that stood by him. He will be missed.

That is what a New Year is; full of beginnings and endings.

Well, time to take down the little red Christmas Tree and put away my Christmas Snow man. Maybe not. Sitting here looking at them I want to keep them up a few more days. After all there is a Russian Christmas, I think.

My neighbor got drunk and almost made it to his doorstep. He was a few feet away and decided to take a little nap before he got home. I remembered that New Year tradition of hitting a metal pot with a wooden spoon and I encouraged him to get into his home with the spoon and pot. He did not thank me for my help yet, but I am sure he will.

I like being a good neighbor how about you?


love freedom said...
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chumly said...

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