Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nighty eyes opened.

I Cannot seem to be able to sleep again. So here I sit and type letters hoping they make words that expand into sentences that will excite a thought somehow.

I wonder why wayward events make people famous and practice and hard work sometimes don't pay off. For instance how many people get cold feet and skip out on their marriages every day. Then that one day that woman does it and wins the national news lottery. She is famous all at once while some other poor Joan has been going to school, working hard, writes, creates etc. hoping to do something special to make the national news and ppphhhzzttt nada. Not saying that famous is good but it just happens to be not really planned.

What are the chances that one sperm and one egg in millions and billions of eggs and sperms ends up being someone like Paris Hilton. I don't think sperms and eggs have schools and do research and practice to get it right. I don't think that there are sperm and egg agents out there or producers doing casting calls for the proper egg and sperm matches.

Then again science may be making that happen more than I think. The roll of the dice so to speak is getting more and more predictable. Still that egg and sperm has to grow and become something, even if it is pre-bought, pre-programmed or pre-whatever.
So does that mean that the future will hold pre-lawyers and pre-actresses and pre-people? What will happen to the rest of sperm and egg hatchlings that just happen in paradise by the dashboard light so to speak? (Thank you Meatloaf).

Once born will there be a list? If you are not on that list then do you get the leftover jobs at McDonalds or in a factory or whatever?

Is the world just strange and getting more unpredictable or more predictable eveyday?

What got me thinking about this was this. I liked to smoke pot, maryjane, wacky weed, whatever when I was young. I was walking down the street in Boston, it was the late 70's, and I was nonchalantly smoking a joint, or reefer or whatever. Suddenly I became the center of attention for a bunch of tourists. They thought it was cool that here was a person in Boston, just walking down the street smoking a joint like it was a normal every day occurance. They got out of their car asked me to pose for some pictures and they took group pictures of me and them for friends and relatives so they could talk about who they saw in Boston, and what a cool town Boston was because you could walk down the street smoking a joint and nobody cared.

So there I was not trying to be famous, just myself enjoying a walk in Boston smoking my Mary J. Joint joyfully. I am sure there were people who lived in Boston that would have loved the attention and got their pictures taken, but no, these tourists wanted me. So who knows about fame.

Of course I was in my dress Coast Guard Uniform too, but not that that mattered either. It just happened. There I was being famous without trying. Such is life I guess.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Over ear?

I guess you might be able to brag about your bad day especially if it was the day you lost your ear while you were at the drive thru ATM bank machine.

My friend was on her way to get a coffee. She realized that she was a bit short on cash so she decided to go to the ATM drive thru. This is something hundreds of people do every day and something she has done hundreds of times herself. This is her story.

"I went to the ATM machine drive thru. I dropped my card and was too close to the machine to open the door so I pulled the car forward a little to clear the machine. I reached down and back to get the card. My foot came off the brake (My head was between the door and the door frame). The car rolled and the door closed on my head and began to squeeeezzzze my head because of a concrete pillar that was against it.
I struggled to get my head out and in the process tore my ear away from my head. When I got out of the door I was in a great deal of pain and in shock. Luckily I got the car in park before I rolled all the way out into the street. I started to cry out "Help me!" The next thing I remember was being in an ambulance on my way to the hospital with a neck brace, back board and IV."

Fortunately for her there was no skull fracture or brain damage. Although she insists that this is debateable. A plastic surgeon reattached her ear and made some repairs.

Her husband took her and her daughter on a vacation to the beach so she could rest for a few days. He drove.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Stepped in it again.

No matter where you go there it is. Sometimes you see it and sometimes you do not. It happens. We don't want it too but it does. It is suppose to be a healthy thing for all living things to do, and if it isn't done then that living entity could die. It would back up and muddle up the brain and implode. Yet! This is not what I want to write about.

I was thinking how relationships define our lives. When I rememeber part of my life I remember the Sandy Era or the Michelle Era. This is after the High School era. For some people College might be an era. I went part time to my local university and worked so my college era lasted about 25 years. Ok, so I took my time and after 20 years the school let me park for free, so it wasn't all bad.

I was just wondering how people define the parts of their past lives. I have a grown daughter so I had a few era's with her. The Grade school era, High School and College Era and now I am in the Grandchildren era. Three grandchild era's.

Now I am in my single and older era again. I moved so that was an era in an era. The past era I wrote in my journal was my "Living with the blind nun era." I have to admit that was some era.

How do you define your era's? Is it relationships, or places you lived? The times you were in school, different grades, classes or teachers? I wonder if there is a universal era type theme people use? I had a bar hopping era when I hung with my favorite bar room buddies and I played shuffle board. Mostly when I remember bits of my life it centers around a relationship I was having at the time.

Then of course there was the Coast Guard Era. That lasted 4 years. That was quite an era, I was attacked by a shark, arrested in Cuba by the Marines, and smuggled my ex-wife on a Coast Guard Bouy tender because she wanted a BBQ with the crew. Plus she wanted to get a ride on a Bouy tender.

The divorce era was kind of fun because I ended up with a Harley. My ex got remarried and I was invited to the wedding. I almost gave her away because her dad was angry with her for some reason. They made up the last minute and I didn't have to go. It was a good divorce. Everyone in my family voted for us to get divorced. I voted twice myself.

I had my Grateful Dead era. Which comes back in flashbacks once in awhile.

Anyway! How do you define your life's era's? It would be interesting to me if you would let me know. It could be a kind of a decision to have an era you want to remember or decide it is an era you would really not like to have had at all and make it none of my damn business. Which would make it something we would both not want to step into again.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Chasing the dogs tail.

I used to laugh at dogs chasing their tails until I realized how much we humans do it ourselves.

I recently moved and I had to notify my cable and phone company of the changes. Simply a simple job for Simply Chumly. I had thought. As you may well have surmised this did not go according to my plans but went according to the corporate and corporate employee plans for this consumer dog.

First I had to realize that my computer and cable TV would be rehooked up, not on my time, but when the Cable Company, called Adelphia in Scranton, which I should not really mention, but am,....! where was I........oh yeah! Not on my time or for my convience but for the convience of the cable company on their time. That is when I could get reconnected. The Adelphia people could not reconnect me on Friday the 28th of June, because they do not do cable hook ups in Dunmore on Friday. So I was scheduled for Monday the 3rd of July.

First bite of the tail missed.

The 3rd of July came and went and no Adelphia people were to arrive. I sauntered down to the cable company place and found out, from the service representative there, that they called my disconnected number to let me know that they rescheduled me. So
the service rep. and I decided that Wednesday the 5th of July would be nice, since the 4th was a holiday and considered also a high holy day of no cable connecting.

Second snip at the tail missed.

The 5th of July came and went and no Adelphia people. I called the main office and after 2 hours of cajoiling, threatening, and begging. I found that wimpering was the key to getting me rescheduled for Friday July 7th. I asked if they could come before 9 AM and Adelphia Management sternly said, "You will wait until 10 AM or we do not come out at all!"

Snapped and snapped missed the tail again.

They did mention that they could NOT make it on the 6th of July, Thursday, because they were booked and did NOT want to inconvience their customers by rescheduling THEM. It was also the time I remembered, But Hey! Didn't they say Friday's in Dunmore was a "no cable hook up no show day?"

This is the point were I forgot which tail I was chasing and what direction I was chasing it in.

Finally at 8:35 AM, on the 7th of July, AM the cable woman and her cable guy assistant in training showed up. She was a Garage Mechanic Calander Poster Material Gal, and most definetly the picture for the Month of July. She had on short shorts, long dirty blond hair, was young, both physically attributed in the right upper and lower places and was wearing her tool belt in a very provocative matter. I had forgotten all my past experiences with Adelphia. I was so enthralled by her presence I tipped her $6, all I had in my wallet at present because she didn't accept credit cards for tips.

SOLID bite of the tail with MAJOR pain shooting right thru my a.. ah! Anterior brain hole, so to speak.

The phone company well that is another story. Now, I just know Blog Dog will have a real colorful finger for them I could use!!!!!