Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Over ear?

I guess you might be able to brag about your bad day especially if it was the day you lost your ear while you were at the drive thru ATM bank machine.

My friend was on her way to get a coffee. She realized that she was a bit short on cash so she decided to go to the ATM drive thru. This is something hundreds of people do every day and something she has done hundreds of times herself. This is her story.

"I went to the ATM machine drive thru. I dropped my card and was too close to the machine to open the door so I pulled the car forward a little to clear the machine. I reached down and back to get the card. My foot came off the brake (My head was between the door and the door frame). The car rolled and the door closed on my head and began to squeeeezzzze my head because of a concrete pillar that was against it.
I struggled to get my head out and in the process tore my ear away from my head. When I got out of the door I was in a great deal of pain and in shock. Luckily I got the car in park before I rolled all the way out into the street. I started to cry out "Help me!" The next thing I remember was being in an ambulance on my way to the hospital with a neck brace, back board and IV."

Fortunately for her there was no skull fracture or brain damage. Although she insists that this is debateable. A plastic surgeon reattached her ear and made some repairs.

Her husband took her and her daughter on a vacation to the beach so she could rest for a few days. He drove.


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Magarite Elaine said...

Oh goodness! What a traumatic story! I'm glad that she was able to get help.

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Lynn said...

The story sounds so outlandish, yet I bet similar to it has happened to many folk.
How many times have you gone to the Drive Thru machine and been too far?
I am too short for the ATM drive thru by my house. I have to use a pen to press the keypad.
One day I was having more trouble than usual reaching up to collect my card. I took too long and POOF! card was sucked back into the Abyss never to be seen again.
I have dropped my card before. I can picture myself doing the same thing. Now I know I could rip my ear off doing it I am gonna be more careful. My ears are the biggest thing I got, I have to keep them whole!