Friday, July 07, 2006

Chasing the dogs tail.

I used to laugh at dogs chasing their tails until I realized how much we humans do it ourselves.

I recently moved and I had to notify my cable and phone company of the changes. Simply a simple job for Simply Chumly. I had thought. As you may well have surmised this did not go according to my plans but went according to the corporate and corporate employee plans for this consumer dog.

First I had to realize that my computer and cable TV would be rehooked up, not on my time, but when the Cable Company, called Adelphia in Scranton, which I should not really mention, but am,....! where was I........oh yeah! Not on my time or for my convience but for the convience of the cable company on their time. That is when I could get reconnected. The Adelphia people could not reconnect me on Friday the 28th of June, because they do not do cable hook ups in Dunmore on Friday. So I was scheduled for Monday the 3rd of July.

First bite of the tail missed.

The 3rd of July came and went and no Adelphia people were to arrive. I sauntered down to the cable company place and found out, from the service representative there, that they called my disconnected number to let me know that they rescheduled me. So
the service rep. and I decided that Wednesday the 5th of July would be nice, since the 4th was a holiday and considered also a high holy day of no cable connecting.

Second snip at the tail missed.

The 5th of July came and went and no Adelphia people. I called the main office and after 2 hours of cajoiling, threatening, and begging. I found that wimpering was the key to getting me rescheduled for Friday July 7th. I asked if they could come before 9 AM and Adelphia Management sternly said, "You will wait until 10 AM or we do not come out at all!"

Snapped and snapped missed the tail again.

They did mention that they could NOT make it on the 6th of July, Thursday, because they were booked and did NOT want to inconvience their customers by rescheduling THEM. It was also the time I remembered, But Hey! Didn't they say Friday's in Dunmore was a "no cable hook up no show day?"

This is the point were I forgot which tail I was chasing and what direction I was chasing it in.

Finally at 8:35 AM, on the 7th of July, AM the cable woman and her cable guy assistant in training showed up. She was a Garage Mechanic Calander Poster Material Gal, and most definetly the picture for the Month of July. She had on short shorts, long dirty blond hair, was young, both physically attributed in the right upper and lower places and was wearing her tool belt in a very provocative matter. I had forgotten all my past experiences with Adelphia. I was so enthralled by her presence I tipped her $6, all I had in my wallet at present because she didn't accept credit cards for tips.

SOLID bite of the tail with MAJOR pain shooting right thru my a.. ah! Anterior brain hole, so to speak.

The phone company well that is another story. Now, I just know Blog Dog will have a real colorful finger for them I could use!!!!!


Magarite Elaine said...

The phone and cable companies get great joy out of making the consumer suffer. At least you got a cute female out of the deal. My cable man was a fat, hair bald guy with a bad case of dandruff :). Glad to hear that after all the drama, it worked out.

Johann said...

You made me laugh. Thanks. As a matter of fact I've got a nice blue finger posted right now. Feel free to use it.

And welcome back.

Own a Life said...

I had to wait a month the last time I hired? the service... and I'm not joking, since i worked and still do from 8 til 5, but it's an hour drive from home to work, I could only be home on weekends and i work on some weekends so I had to wait until they could schedule for a saturday that I could be home and they could go. But hey... such is life...

cxyboi said...

oh my god! jajaja j

Lynn said...

I feel for you.
Empathy all the way.

And they were screwing with your entertainment and ours!

Bright Light District said...

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Olá. thank you.