Saturday, June 23, 2007


I had a hamburger the other day and I began to think about cows. One of my thoughts were, "I wonder how many places sell hamburgers in the United States? How many McDonalds, Burger Kings and just restaurants are there out there?" Then I went even further in my mind and expanded them to the world. Then I remembered the cattle mutilations that the aliens do and had to expand my question into the universe. Let us not forget the supermarkets that sell hamburger and other food for sale places. This led me to believe that a lot of people eat hamburger. Thus we must kill a lot of cows every day just for hamburger. Where do these unfortunate cows come from? How big is this cow Holocaust anyway? What really boggled my mind was that ad I saw on TV that said 100% cow hamburger beef! Is it really 100%? Then I thought about chickens and how many places served them and sold them in market places. Does the earth really have enough cows and chickens to feed us forever? How do those chickens get passed breakfast? All those scrambled, boiled and easy over eggs, when are they born?

Somehow the math does not add up. If we eat that many cows and chickens, how are they surviving to make more. If the lucky ones live to have sex to make more chickens and cows don't they die from too much sex?

So beware! Are we really eating those cows and chickens or maybe just maybe that Solient Green movie isn't so far off. Maybe we are eating ground up people hamburger. Nah! Chicken wise no way. After all not many humans I know have those little wings and drumsticks growing out of their elbows or where ever they would grow on a human. The hamburger? That I wonder about though.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Together with oneself

Did you ever feel alone when you are with people by yourself? This happens to me sometimes. I am with people but feel I am isolated from them even though I am sitting with them at the same kitchen table. This feeling often arises when I am with couples and I am uncoupled and with no one but me. Sometimes the couples are fighting with each other or one couple is fighting and me and the other couple are watching and listening and sometimes no one is really talking and that thunderous silence is storming around the kitchen. Even with all that happening I still feel outside and not really present with others sometimes. I do have conversations with all the people there, but feel more comfortable petting the dog or cat that happens to live in the home I am visiting. Little babies and kids are good because I don't really have to converse or seem intelligent with them. All I have to do is pay them a little attention and they are happy.

I do like being with people. I like parties when there are a lot of people around because I like to watch and listen to what is going on and I like all the distractions that are happening all at once.

When it finally comes down to it, I guess I could be happy by myself in a space station out in outer space also. I like my solitude and my time alone. I am a good hermit at times but I do like having a pet around. I am better with cats but a friendly ol mutt is fun to have around.

I would not be good being famous and have 'groupies' and 'people' around me. I probably would feel more isolated having to deal with hang around crowds.

Fortunately I am just me with a pleasant number of good friends. Even though I feel like I do sometimes, those times with my friends in their kitchen are still the best no matter how I feel.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Under it

I have not been writing because I am feeling a little under the weather. Which is ok because not too many people visit me anyway. So it you do not see any recent posts for awhile, sorry. I will be back when I get back on my feet. Nothing serious just dealing with some down time stuff. Thanks

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Having a craving for cake. Just a big ol' hunk of cake any kind. Chocolate, marble, angel, or whatever. I just want cake.

I have been meeting nice people lately. I met a great waitress at my local Chinese Buffet place. She was super nice and had a great smile the whole time I was there. As a matter of fact I have been eating out a lot lately and have met some great waitresses. Waitresses seem to be the unsung hero's in life. My sister was a waitress. When I went to visit her at her place of work she would not serve me until I told her what kind of tip she was getting. Sometimes I'd have to give her the tip first. I did not mind. I thought it was kind of funny. She was a terrific waitress. No complaints. I brought a lot of my friends in and she did the same thing to them. She was a hit with my buddies. She was no nonsense and they appreciated that. She went on to become a teacher and got a lot of respect from her students.

Have you met anyone special lately. Let me know. Sometimes meeting strangers turn into friendships. That seems to be rare today.