Friday, September 29, 2006


Her name is Zoie. I know because when I dreamed the dream I had, she was in it and told me that her name was Zoie, and spelled it Z-o-i-e.

She was a tall skinny blond haired woman between 20 and 40. I am bad with guessing ages. She had sandals on with dark colored striped socks. She also wore blue jeans and a kind of a white or ivory sweater shirt, plain. She wore thin glasses and her hair was in a pony tail. In my dream she was sitting at a table and I just had to ask her her name, she smiled and said Zoie and spelled her name for me. Then I woke up.

I had a strong urge to go get a Crispani Pizza at Panera. It is a bread and bun shop with wonderful bagels and breads etc. The Crispani Pizza is made only after 4 PM and I arrived there about 4:05 PM and ordered my Pizza, a mushroom one at that.
I also ordered a ice mocha and sat at a table to wait for my Pizza. As I sat there I noticed her. She was eating a sandwich and drinking something out of a huge white cup without a handle on it. It was Zoie. I could not believe it.

After she ate her sandwich she took out a small slip of blue contact paper and fashioned a small blue dog. I watched her quietly as she folded and creased the little paper into one of those Mexican looking dogs, which I cannot spell but is something like Chauwawa, but not Chewbacca.

When she was finished she stood it up, took her bowl or cup, and the tray she had with papers etc. on it and left the table. The little blue dog remained. I got up and gently picked up the dog and took it to her. I approached her and said. "You forgot this." She smiled looking very shy and shocked and mumbled, "oh or that is ok". I asked her if I could keep it and told her I would give it to my grandchildren. She smiled and nodded and I happly returned to my table and she walked out the door and drove away in her car. I think we both were glowing a little inside.

As I sat down I felt something special just happened and I could not put my finger on what it was until I held the little blue dog in my hand. For some reason that little blue dog became somewhat of magical thing to me. I decided to keep the little blue paper dog and it now sits ontop of my computer. It lookes like it is smiling and content where it is.

Thank you Zoie.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Not funny anymore.

Sometimes funny isn't funny anymore. It happened today.

For a long time everybody always had fun with George Bush. Comedy Central's the Daily Show, all the late night TV talk show hosts and even some of the daytime talk show hosts. Today that all seemed to change when that country that sells us oil in South America made fun of Georgie. Their President called him "The Devil and that George smelled of sulpher." I did not know that the Devil smelled of sulpher because I never met him. Apparently the South American President has first hand knowledge of what the devil smells like, or someone farted while he was speaking.

Anyway. I wonder did we all hit the point where we are tired of the Bush jokes, just like we are tired of wars, high gas prices and all other global woes?
I thought The Daily Show would have a good time with "Devil" Jokes and I thought the news media would be having fun with them too after the South American President made those remarks. I was wrong and no jokes were to follow. No real giggles, or chuckles, just a lot of sighs.

Today was like hearing the punch line first and then the same old joke followed. What does this mean? Is America not funny anymore? How many more Barry Manilow Jokes do we have to hear? How many chicken jokes, or lame one liners are left for us out there?

Hopefully a lot. Just not today. So maybe today America woke up and said. "No more Bush Bashing." Americans can only make fun of Americans, not South Americans or Mid Eastern or other countries. He is our President and we can only make fun of him best. So don't laugh on us. Unless we tell the joke.

Now that is funny. Or not. We just need someone new to make jokes about. Any volunteers? We can't be tired of laughing. I hope!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Once upon a discussion.....

There was once a discussion. It was about drugs. It was about drugs in America. It was about drugs in the world. It was about drugs and rock and roll. It ended up being a magazine. Which became a discussion in print. This magazine discussed drugs in America, around the world and drugs in rock and roll. Advertisers in this magazine paid lots and lots of money to have their ads in a magazine that discussed drugs. Why? Well it seems that people that do a lot of drugs also like to read. So the discussion became quite the party topic.

Then the discussion became an argument. Because of the Parties. Now they were not social parties where drugs were shared, or talked about while under the influence of the drug. Oh! Sex and Rock and Roll began to be big in these parties also. No no no these were not the parties that had the arguments about drugs. The Parties that did were political parties with political people.

The political parties started to read this magazine, that discussed drugs. These political discussions led them to learn a lot of wonderful drug things about drugs. So much in fact that these Party goers started to put ads in this drug filled discussion magazine. In fact these Parties started to send agents to validate these discussions and exploit the free market of drug ideas and other drug markets.

That is when the magazine evolved into a smoke filled screen of discussion. The people that liked to discuss the drug culture in this magazine never saw it coming. As long as the magazine was getting paid to advertise from all Parties who the hell really cared anyway.

Soon the all the cultures caught on. Now men read women discussions and women read magazines with men discussing things about themselves and their sex. A whole new world of learning opportunity opened up. Unfortunately the people that like to discuss terror did not publish their discussions in publications like, "The Terrorist Times" or the "Osama Weekly." Which is another subject all together.

So if one was gay and wanted a straight discussion they would read the "Straight Times" and if one were straight and wanted to read about an alternative lifestyle they would read the "Hi Gay Times." magazines. The people that discuss political things read each other party magazines also. Everyone can read about the people that have unpopular discussions at their parties and vice versa.

I use to attend a lot of the drug discussions myself in my younger days. Not so tody but I do attend a lot of meetings that discuss drugs, alcohol and God stuff.
Back in my earlied days I caught on to the drug and party discussions and arguments. So to find out for myself I joined the Coast Guard in the 70's.

Believe me now that was some discussion. Nixon's McHales Navy would be a good discussion to start. "Captains on Cocaine," a good article to write about. "American CIA Air" would have been a good advertisement and everyone was in agreement that drugs in America, around the world, and sex and Rock and Roll was a good discussion for all parites.

That is until disco.

This has been a Chumly Historical learning discussion. (Chumly History 101).

Friday, September 01, 2006

Who did where go?

Sleeping is not an option sometimes. I get to bed and am wide awake. So I make notes on what I can post on this blog. Here is a list of things I wrote down so I could write about them later.

Camping Wars/Civil War Armies.
Blog Education Mentos and Diet Coke.
Reincarnation - coming back as an Asian.
Thought a though.
Who did where go?

The problem is I did think about each idea and fell asleep thinking about them. Now it is time to actually write these ideas down and I cannot remember why I wrote them and what did I come up with before I fell asleep.

I know that before I fell asleep I had great words and ideas to write and witty saying that lead to palpable paragraphs. As I sit here and reminiss about these great wonderful posts, I am missing the remin's.

The eating mento's and putting the chew in a diet soda cap and making a rocket. This I remember because I saw it on a blog. The coming back as an Asian person after I die and am reincarnated is kind of in my memory. I like the great buffets and food the Asian people have here in America. I would not mind being reincarnated and owning one of these fine establishments.

As for the rest it is a blur. Especially when I thought the thought who did where go? That one has really got me baffled. So the next time you cannot sleep please try to remember this post especially if you can't fall asleep. Try to think for me, "Who did where go?" If you come up with anything please let me know. I really would like to know who did where go. If who went where at all!