Friday, September 01, 2006

Who did where go?

Sleeping is not an option sometimes. I get to bed and am wide awake. So I make notes on what I can post on this blog. Here is a list of things I wrote down so I could write about them later.

Camping Wars/Civil War Armies.
Blog Education Mentos and Diet Coke.
Reincarnation - coming back as an Asian.
Thought a though.
Who did where go?

The problem is I did think about each idea and fell asleep thinking about them. Now it is time to actually write these ideas down and I cannot remember why I wrote them and what did I come up with before I fell asleep.

I know that before I fell asleep I had great words and ideas to write and witty saying that lead to palpable paragraphs. As I sit here and reminiss about these great wonderful posts, I am missing the remin's.

The eating mento's and putting the chew in a diet soda cap and making a rocket. This I remember because I saw it on a blog. The coming back as an Asian person after I die and am reincarnated is kind of in my memory. I like the great buffets and food the Asian people have here in America. I would not mind being reincarnated and owning one of these fine establishments.

As for the rest it is a blur. Especially when I thought the thought who did where go? That one has really got me baffled. So the next time you cannot sleep please try to remember this post especially if you can't fall asleep. Try to think for me, "Who did where go?" If you come up with anything please let me know. I really would like to know who did where go. If who went where at all!


Paulo said...

Hey, Hola again too. So your daughter speaks Spanish, eh? At least someone in your family does, I like that. How did she learn it? Did you say my blog was under "blogs of note"? I still can't quite comprehend it since I have been blogging for a very short time...

chumly said...

That was recently up dated blogs.

slskenyon said...

Interesting point--I've never written down potential blog posts, but I have written ideas down that I later had no idea to what they referred before sleeping. Somehow, at the moment before unconscious, it all seems so clear...

romaina&me said...


thank for your post!


Steven Novak said...

He went to Hoboken.

I called him last week...he's doing pretty good.

His son Donny is having a hard time adjusting to the new school though.


CROAK said...

Hi. Just wanted to thank you for comenting on my blog. Kind of you to visit and it is nice to know that I will be joining you in just over two weeks in being 53.

I wake up with subjects in my head to blog, not go to sleep. So I guess I am backward?

Cheers Chumly.

Galipuche said...

Thanx a lot for writting in my blog.
Greetings from Spain.
Sorry my bad english!

Lynn said...

Sounds like you may have to resort to recording your thoughts amidst the twilight.

Lynn said...

upp back again.

This post seems so prevelant today.
The eve of 9/11
The TV full of images and memorium.
Tomorrow I will be excited and afraid to see it all again.

marc's stuff said...

I can relate I love Asia and its people... such a great way of looking at life I liked it so much I even brought Asia to me here on the iceberg..... Im married to the most gentle soul in the world!!! lucky me
since you talking about asian restaurants... want some recipes???LOL

Anne Blythe said...

How can where go any place when where doesn't know where it is?