Sunday, March 30, 2008


Dancing is a nice thing to do. Holding someone in a snuggly waltz. Prancing around in a Polka or fancy step dance. Even the funny dances they do at weddings can be a parcel of fun. I am not a dancing with the stars watcher. I just like to get out once in awhile and have fun with my feet. I am not the best, nor worst dancer in the world. I will get up and enjoy the moment, the music and the high I get from tripping the light fantastic. I can do other dances too. Like the dance I dance when trying to get out of a bid situation or the bathroom dance when the time and feeling hits. Sometimes my mind is full of dancing thoughts that jitterbug, fox trot and sometimes disco in my thinking self. Ah! The joy of twirling on the dance floor is the cloud nine I enjoy from time to time. Some people are self conscious and will not dance. I think that is a pity. Don't waste the waist of a dancing partner, I say. Sometimes I don't even need a partner and just dance by myself when the mood hits. When was the last time you danced?

Monday, March 24, 2008


What if the world was as honest as our children? What if adults crossed over to adulthood with the inability to be dishonest?

My friends very young granddaughter came to visit him and entered the house by telling us that her armpits smelled. Maybe it was a little too much information for us, but to her it was a very honest and straightforward statement; which was of great concern to her.

As adults we always tell children to be honest and tell the truth, so how could we respond to her honesty? Well, we laughed and acknowledged her concern by giving her comfort that she was still loved, smelly armpits and all.

When did adults stop acknowledging that their armpits were smelly? When does the truth become so dangerous that lying has become a more acceptable port in lifes storms? Politicians lie and we accept it. The ads on TV are so bizarre and fabricated we know they are mostly lies. Yet! We buy the products. Lovers lie about their affairs so much we amuse ourselves by watching soap operas.

I am not trying to change the world just acknowledge that from time to time my armpits smell too! How about yours?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lotta stuff!

There is so much to write about and I know where to begin. I went out Easter shopping today. I have 3 grandchildren and three other little friends that are grandchildren of my friends. I was going to buy them candy. I went to the candy stores that make homemade candies and had a ball getting all those chocolate rabbits and eggs. When I got home with them I decided that maybe candy was not a good way to go. So I decided to do the right thing and keep the candy. I then went out and got them books and my grandson a game for his Nintendo DS. That was better and healthier. I know I will have to eat that candy myself but I love my grandchildren and don't want them getting bad teeth or getting sick by eating too much candy. It is one of those small sacrifices that grandparents have to make now and then.

When it comes to Easter, if you celebrate it, do you get your children candy or some other gifts in addition to the love and hugs they get around the holidays? If you don't celebrate Easter what spring holiday do you celebrate?

PS: If you need good leather stuff at a pretty good price try I don't usually write about merchandise but this business went out of it's way to make sure I got good bags for my bike. Thanks Bob

Monday, March 10, 2008

Alien type people from outer space.

I was watching a show on the History Channel about alien people that live in outer space. These people, called "Greys", like to visit us now and then and have a tendency to abduct earthy type people; experiment on them, then give them a tour of their space ship. I guess after a few experiments the least they could do is give a tour of the ship.

Then there was this other scientist that said that these earthy type people were not abducted after all but were suffering from a thing called sleep paralysis. I realized that I myself have had that sleep paralysis stuff happen to me. A few times I was drunk and the paralysis was of the alcohol inducement paralysis type. Then there was the waking up and feeling paralysis not necessarily after a night of drinking but on a real sober next day or middle of the night, feels like an alien is abducting me type of paralysis. This is a feeling like, "Hey, I am wide awake and cannot move, scary type of feeling. I instantly knew I was not being abducted though because after I was fully conscious I did not get a tour of a space ship. So not getting the tour is how I determine if I was abducted or not. How do you seperate your abductions from sleep paralysis?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Story Teller

She has a violin and plays the strings of ones heart to tell the stories involving lifes inhabitants. Animals come alive and brave warriors travel thru the forests while experiencing great adventures. Camp fires blaze away igniting the embers of imagination as wisps of smoke flit and dance thru sky and air.

I have been reading a little book full of American Indian tales. When I do my mind seems to enter this kind of space. This happens when I read. Sometimes the world just seems to melt away and cease to exist and surrender to the words and images my mind creates thanks to a creative author. It always amazes me how enthralled I can become and how time; space are condensed into the creation of a completely made up world thru words. It also amazes me that TV, the Internet, Ipods, radio, and other distractions for the young and old still take a back seat to reading. My grandchildren are always talking about their trips to the library and how much they enjoy discovering wonderful stories that fill the shelves in these buildings. Not only my grandchildren but I sit here and can think of dozens of other children that are experiencing the same feelings that reading can ignite in ones life.

Which leads me to ask you. Have you read any good books lately?