Sunday, March 30, 2008


Dancing is a nice thing to do. Holding someone in a snuggly waltz. Prancing around in a Polka or fancy step dance. Even the funny dances they do at weddings can be a parcel of fun. I am not a dancing with the stars watcher. I just like to get out once in awhile and have fun with my feet. I am not the best, nor worst dancer in the world. I will get up and enjoy the moment, the music and the high I get from tripping the light fantastic. I can do other dances too. Like the dance I dance when trying to get out of a bid situation or the bathroom dance when the time and feeling hits. Sometimes my mind is full of dancing thoughts that jitterbug, fox trot and sometimes disco in my thinking self. Ah! The joy of twirling on the dance floor is the cloud nine I enjoy from time to time. Some people are self conscious and will not dance. I think that is a pity. Don't waste the waist of a dancing partner, I say. Sometimes I don't even need a partner and just dance by myself when the mood hits. When was the last time you danced?


keda said...

I get what you mean. I love shaking my ass every once in a while as well. but usually at home because there are no clubs that play what I like. I really love dancing and just letting go when my feet start tapping.

Dale said...

I love to dance as well. I have only ever won one contest in my life, and that contest was a draw to win ballroom dancing lessons for 6 months... i loved every minute of it :)

Thanks for your kind comment :)

Anne Blythe said...

Last time I danced-3 days ago I think.