Monday, April 07, 2008


Sometimes I like to sit down with a nice tea or coffee drink, maybe even a juice or something else. Anyway, I put on some music and just visit other blogs. I like the ones with pictures of nature and those family blogs with funny pictures of children in loving blogger families. I get frustrated when I hit a blog written in another language. I wish I could speak all languages. I seem to get most of them because of that strange universal language which I cannot explain but sometimes understand. What I mean is the pictures always tell a story no matter what the language. I also get opinions and learn a great deal about what people are doing, especially in the art world when pictures and crafts are displayed. So if you get a strange comment from someone named Chumly. It is just me visiting and saying hello.

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Raghu said...

So true..... i just got a comment from u and here i am writing a comment in ur blog :)
Well even i like blogs which have picture in them...