Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Middle of the Night Blues

It is about 1 AM and I can hear my neighbors having an argument. I think it is funny because they are both kind of old and the lady has a Monty Python type of voice. You know that high pitched voice that the Monty Python fellows used when they imitated womankind. The argument has to something to do about a female dog and the lady wanted to know why the man brought it to her attention. She keeps referring to the dog and he is coughing a lot. It seems like a short argument. It lasted about as long as it took me to write this stuff down. All is pretty quiet now so I think I will try to go back to sleep. I hope they are all right and that they came to terms with that female dog they had argued about. How are your neighbors?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Call Waiting

I am waiting for a phone call. The person said that they would call back. It never happened. So I am a little sad. The person that was to call me will never know if I am sad, happy, or content that the call they were suppose to make to me happened or did not happen. That is the way it is sometimes. Someone will say to you they will call and they do not. It is a wave that comes over you but there is no sound to it. The call was about something I am selling but no one is buying, at least not today. I am listening to mellow music and my mood is like that silent wave. It comes and flows and if the person that is suppose to call me calls now it will ruin my mood. So it is good they do not call. I am left with this wonderful imaginative ocean and waves that are calming me. How do you deal with a phone that calls you or not?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Going Going Gone

I sold my Harley. It rained all day even though the sun was out. I hated to do it but after a winter of thought I decided the pros outweighted the cons and therefore made my decision to sell. I will miss the rides with my friends and the breakfasts we had toghether. I don't think my one friends will be sad he won't be fixing my bike all the time. I appreciated all the work he did on my bike. In fact I have this feeling he is part owner he put so much work into it. I do realize though that a bike is more than just a ride. It pulls together people and gets them to share their lives here on this old dirt planet. I therefore will cherish those times I had but must move on to the times I will have in the future. True I will not be riding but I can still hang around and probably be the same old pain in the butt I usually am. Some things will never change. Will I ever ride again? My body tells me not in the near future. Unless I buy a Smart Car or one seater quad. Oh well! Have you made any major changes in your life? Hope your decision goes well for you and may we both move on.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


It is four in the morning. I have a head cold and cannot sleep. So I felt like a little writing might help. Unfortunately I am drawing a blank. Chocolate is sounding good and it is after Easter so I have lots of it. (Sigh) After some thought chocolate it is. You ever have a restless night? I hope they are few and far between for you, unless you have a lot of chocolate too.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Holiday Greetings.

As my father would say, "Don't Passover Easter." He was not a great comedy person but he meant well. So have a great Holiday everyone no matter what you are celebrating. Oh yeah. No chocolate crosses, they give me the creeps. Chocolate bunnies OK.