Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spinning Pennies.

When I was young I use to spin pennies. I liked they way they moved around and looked orb and planet like when they spun. Sometimes they would stay in one place and other times they would travel away and make erratic journeys as they spun. Today pennies are not worth much but still spin pretty good. Rich people spin bigger things like quarters, half dollars, dollars, stocks and bonds and now billions and billions of dollars all at once. Trouble is when they stop spinning and fall down, they fall down pretty hard. I don't mind spinning my own pennies but I am a little skeptical when other people spin my money. How about you?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

No Trespassing without permission.

Sometimes things are not what they seem and what they seem is far from what they really are. I am reading a book on how to improve my thinking. It is called. "The Feeling Good Handbook," by David D. Burns MD. The book kind of reminds me of a Rodney Dangerfield story. Rodney went to a psychiatrist and told him, "Doc everybody hates me." The doctor in turn told Rodney that that was impossible because not everybody had met Rodney. What I am learning is that I have a lot of those all or nothing thoughts too. I also found out that I procrastinate because I put things off. The book says to write down why you put things off and write down specific examples like, cleaning my apartment. So I did. My apartment is still not clean but I have a great list written down why it isn't. Changing one's thinking from negative to positive thoughts is harder than it sounds. I once was a positive person but as I am older I became more negative. This book did help and I do feel better and my bad moods do not last as long. It amazes me that with a little common sense life can be good. How is your thinking? How has it changed as you became older and what experiences changed it?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Books for all!

My friends granddaughter came home from school and was very excited. She went to the library for the first time in her life and was all happy that she got "free" books to take home. My friend tried to explain to her that she would have to "return" the books after she read them. "But they just gave them to me for free," she insisted. "They came up in a big bus and we got on it and got to pick out these free books," she explained. I like the way children think sometimes. Why can't we keep books from the library? Why do we have to have money at all? Why aren't things just free? How come Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny give out free stuff? What is wrong with those Librarians that they can't? That is all I got. It is just one of those precious moments that I experienced which brought a little smile and wonderment into my life. If you have children I am sure you have many stories like this. Feel free to share if you have them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh that day again.

It's the end of the world as we know it. Rain upon my window pane. The little white cloud that cried. The beat goes on. It's a small world. Where have all the flowers gone. Sometimes there are those days that come around that remind me of sadness. Reaching out my arms and pulling in great hugs help. Listening to the Grateful Dead and remembering there really is still lots of love in the world. Breathing my next breath slowly. Letting breezes softly caress me then pass me by. It is all there still living. Music. Laughing. Some people swim in tears. I was not going to write about this day again. I did. Ghosts of dead relatives, friends and strangers swirl about and linger for awhile. They do not stay as long as they once did. I lost no one but died with many. Some days skipping rocks on the water can be soothing. What do you do on these sad days?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Up Up to the Sky

My friend is learning to fly and she asked me if I wanted to come along for the ride. I said sure. We went to the airport and before we took off I noticed an airplane I saw on the news the day before. This plane had crashed and was sitting there all bent; looking crashed and next to the plane we were to fly in. I kept looking at it as we passed it when we were taking off. We flew around for an hour and it seemed fine to me. I found out later there was a headset I was suppose to wear but I did not put it on. I did notice that she was talking quite a bit to the co-pilot on the headsets they were wearing but did not think much of it. We landed and on the way home she turned to me and said, "Boy did you see how close we came to that mountain?" I drank a lot of coffee when I got home which is a bad thing to do to try to calm oneself down. So now I am sitting here drinking a big milkshake. I feel better and am not shaking as much.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ice Creamed

It is the end of summer and my favorite ice cream places are closing for the season. I love getting on my motorcycle and going riding with my friends. What we always end up doing is going to get some ice cream before the ride ends. As I was sitting here I began to think, "If I were an ice cream flavor what flavor would I be?" That opened a lot of doors for me because I love a lot of flavors. I decided that I would be a berry ice cream because I like strawberry, rasberry or any kind of berry ice cream. If I went with my personality I would make sure there would be lots and lots of nuts with my ice cream because people say that I am a little nuts in real life. What flavor ice cream would you be?