Friday, September 12, 2008

Books for all!

My friends granddaughter came home from school and was very excited. She went to the library for the first time in her life and was all happy that she got "free" books to take home. My friend tried to explain to her that she would have to "return" the books after she read them. "But they just gave them to me for free," she insisted. "They came up in a big bus and we got on it and got to pick out these free books," she explained. I like the way children think sometimes. Why can't we keep books from the library? Why do we have to have money at all? Why aren't things just free? How come Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny give out free stuff? What is wrong with those Librarians that they can't? That is all I got. It is just one of those precious moments that I experienced which brought a little smile and wonderment into my life. If you have children I am sure you have many stories like this. Feel free to share if you have them.

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Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

Chumly, thanks for visiting my chocolate blog. This is the first time I'm on yours, but I'll be back. What an endearing story. Children are so innocent, I wish they stayed that way. Great blog.