Thursday, September 04, 2008

Up Up to the Sky

My friend is learning to fly and she asked me if I wanted to come along for the ride. I said sure. We went to the airport and before we took off I noticed an airplane I saw on the news the day before. This plane had crashed and was sitting there all bent; looking crashed and next to the plane we were to fly in. I kept looking at it as we passed it when we were taking off. We flew around for an hour and it seemed fine to me. I found out later there was a headset I was suppose to wear but I did not put it on. I did notice that she was talking quite a bit to the co-pilot on the headsets they were wearing but did not think much of it. We landed and on the way home she turned to me and said, "Boy did you see how close we came to that mountain?" I drank a lot of coffee when I got home which is a bad thing to do to try to calm oneself down. So now I am sitting here drinking a big milkshake. I feel better and am not shaking as much.


Sue said...

:) hi ..

Anonymous said...

Scary. Glad the milkshake helped with the shakes! Erm, that wasn't supposed to sound as cutesy as it did.