Monday, August 25, 2008

Big Stuff

I belong to Sam's Club. What that means is I can buy large quantities of food stuff all in one shopping trip. I live alone and this is not a good thing for me to do because I have been watching my waistline. Grow. I was going to the YMCA to swim, but the day before a little child decided to potty in the pool. I have not been able to bring myself to get back into the pool. So, off I went to Sam's. I think I did pretty good. I bought a bunch of steaks and took them home and wrapped the 24 of them up individually and put them in the freezer. The 3 for one pizza, not so good; because it added up to a dozen. The cookies, well 12 out of 36 of them were oatmeal and I think oatmeal is good. The Hot Pockets should be good for breakfast from now until October. Then I ended this little shopping spree by getting Gatorade. That was OK but it was a little tight putting all 52 bottles in my refrigerator. Do you belong to one of those wholesale food clubs? I guess they are good for a large family but for me, well I may have to rethink my membership.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Insight to incite

How much insight is one suppose to have? I know if a woman has a handsome man in her sights or a man has a beautiful woman in his sight sex can happen. Or take a hunter for instance. He is out hunting and gets an animal in his sights. Death can be pretty insightful for the unlucky animal or the lucky hunter. Then there is the insight that can incite. An athlete has a gold medal in his or her sight and this could incite a race that breaks a record. A politician or just any Ole person has an idea and incites the people with that insight and a law is made or a riot can occur. Now if you are reading this and you sit back and say to yourself, " Oh! I see". That is some kind of insight that incited your imagination, brain, synapses or just gave you a headache. Science has a lot of insight and changes occur. An artist has an insight and a picture or an artsy thing is birthed. Religion has insight and we usually end up with prayer or a war. Insight to incite or incite to insight what is it? So here I sit at the insight crossroad. Do I keep on thinking or do I have an alcoholic beverage and just call it a day? Have you had any insightful insights that incited you lately?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Onward memories!

Where do memories go after one dies? I guess they go to the living. When someone dies we remember them and the things they did when they were alive. I guess the deceased have memories because ghosts are reported being all over the place doing all kind of dead things. History is a bunch of memories that people remember and write down. Blogs and stuff on the Internet are written down and if someone reads them they become memories and add to the history of the Internet. Then there are the memories we just cannot get rid of. Like the time I walked into my 80 year old aunts house and she was standing in the kitchen topless with nothing on but her apron. I got sick on the tree outside her home. That memory still haunts me in a different historical way. That is one memory that can die with me, no problem. I am watching the Olympics on television. I was enjoying it until that memory of my aunt popped up. So I decided to write this blog but that did not help either. Ever have a haunting historical memory in your life?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Old Song Memories

What is in a song? Words, music, a beat. Memories also come to mind. Do you have a favorite song? I seem to have many of them. Love songs that remind me of past relationships. Songs that remind me of certain events in my life like a graduation, or a friendship song or just a tune that mellows me and brings good memories of past stuff. Sometimes I make up songs and sing them to myself. They will never be top ten hits or make the charts but; I have fun singing them. Do you ever make up songs and sing to yourself or is this just a Chumly thing? If you are a song writer then I can understand that. Just to be a person walking around singing to yourself and being happy that is something different. Now if you are on medication and do this what kind of medication are you on and can I buy some? Then there are those songs that remain in my head for days and I keep singing them over and over. We all have music in us it seems. It is a good thing I think. Life is good with music in it. What do you think?