Monday, August 25, 2008

Big Stuff

I belong to Sam's Club. What that means is I can buy large quantities of food stuff all in one shopping trip. I live alone and this is not a good thing for me to do because I have been watching my waistline. Grow. I was going to the YMCA to swim, but the day before a little child decided to potty in the pool. I have not been able to bring myself to get back into the pool. So, off I went to Sam's. I think I did pretty good. I bought a bunch of steaks and took them home and wrapped the 24 of them up individually and put them in the freezer. The 3 for one pizza, not so good; because it added up to a dozen. The cookies, well 12 out of 36 of them were oatmeal and I think oatmeal is good. The Hot Pockets should be good for breakfast from now until October. Then I ended this little shopping spree by getting Gatorade. That was OK but it was a little tight putting all 52 bottles in my refrigerator. Do you belong to one of those wholesale food clubs? I guess they are good for a large family but for me, well I may have to rethink my membership.


iceah said...

hahaha c: that made me laugh - the pool thing, anyway atleast you don't have to worry about food eh c: That's a blessing to be thankful for c:

Wanda said...

Thanks for stopping by my post today.
I was laughing out loud, as my husband and I have the same problem at Costco. I buy toilet paper...but where to store that many rolls.... and I like their meat too...but then like you say...lots of little packages and my freezer isn't that big.. Hope you'll visit again.. I'll be back.

iceah said...

thanx for dropping by c: visit back soon c: