Monday, August 18, 2008

Insight to incite

How much insight is one suppose to have? I know if a woman has a handsome man in her sights or a man has a beautiful woman in his sight sex can happen. Or take a hunter for instance. He is out hunting and gets an animal in his sights. Death can be pretty insightful for the unlucky animal or the lucky hunter. Then there is the insight that can incite. An athlete has a gold medal in his or her sight and this could incite a race that breaks a record. A politician or just any Ole person has an idea and incites the people with that insight and a law is made or a riot can occur. Now if you are reading this and you sit back and say to yourself, " Oh! I see". That is some kind of insight that incited your imagination, brain, synapses or just gave you a headache. Science has a lot of insight and changes occur. An artist has an insight and a picture or an artsy thing is birthed. Religion has insight and we usually end up with prayer or a war. Insight to incite or incite to insight what is it? So here I sit at the insight crossroad. Do I keep on thinking or do I have an alcoholic beverage and just call it a day? Have you had any insightful insights that incited you lately?


bellbottoms said...


warmly, you incited me to comment on your insightfulness to extend condolences regarding my pet, my friend, Tessa.

thank you.

btw, enjoying your blog.

Anne Blythe said...

Oh I think insight to incite is way more productive than incite to insight.

For example, prayer is insight to incite. Religious fanaticism, on the other hand, is incite to insight-or perhaps no insight at all, only incite.

Ha! Lovely post. I love wordplay.

iceah said...

man, your good in writing c: by the way thanx for dropping by c: