Sunday, August 10, 2008

Onward memories!

Where do memories go after one dies? I guess they go to the living. When someone dies we remember them and the things they did when they were alive. I guess the deceased have memories because ghosts are reported being all over the place doing all kind of dead things. History is a bunch of memories that people remember and write down. Blogs and stuff on the Internet are written down and if someone reads them they become memories and add to the history of the Internet. Then there are the memories we just cannot get rid of. Like the time I walked into my 80 year old aunts house and she was standing in the kitchen topless with nothing on but her apron. I got sick on the tree outside her home. That memory still haunts me in a different historical way. That is one memory that can die with me, no problem. I am watching the Olympics on television. I was enjoying it until that memory of my aunt popped up. So I decided to write this blog but that did not help either. Ever have a haunting historical memory in your life?

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