Monday, August 04, 2008

Old Song Memories

What is in a song? Words, music, a beat. Memories also come to mind. Do you have a favorite song? I seem to have many of them. Love songs that remind me of past relationships. Songs that remind me of certain events in my life like a graduation, or a friendship song or just a tune that mellows me and brings good memories of past stuff. Sometimes I make up songs and sing them to myself. They will never be top ten hits or make the charts but; I have fun singing them. Do you ever make up songs and sing to yourself or is this just a Chumly thing? If you are a song writer then I can understand that. Just to be a person walking around singing to yourself and being happy that is something different. Now if you are on medication and do this what kind of medication are you on and can I buy some? Then there are those songs that remain in my head for days and I keep singing them over and over. We all have music in us it seems. It is a good thing I think. Life is good with music in it. What do you think?


Anne Blythe said...

I do the most horrendous things with songs. I sing them in totally different tunes and add rap to them and I enjoy it. Others don't as much. :P

Adam said...

Music is life. I really liked this entry. I think we all move to the beat of music, our hearts.