Sunday, July 27, 2008


I think friendships are a little different when they are between men, then friendships that are between women. Men tend to make fun of or "bust" each other. Like today I am a wuss. My friends wanted me to go motorcycling with them but I had to refuse. I had a few reasons; all of which were not good enough but I did not go for the ride with my friends. Well, they went and it rained on them. So now I am a wuss. A dry wuss, but a wuss nevertheless because I did not go and get rained on. It is taken in a comical light and we all are having a good laugh at my expense. Now women on the other hand, I do not know how they "bust" each other or if they make fun of each other at all. I hear women are "catty" and I am not sure what exactly that means. I have 5 older sisters and I can not really recall how they made fun of each other or if they did at all. So they question is do women make fun of each other and poke fun at each other at certain times? Let me know. That way if I do make fun of a woman I will do it correctly and not get punched, which come to think of it, my sisters did punch me from time to time when I tried to be funny.


a boy behind a beard said...

i have found that pride is the main reason men fail to really embrace friendship with other men.

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Women DO "bust" each other -- they just do it behind each other's backs rather than face to face. Victim of our extra X chromosome.

But when we have good friends, we are True and Loyal.