Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Moving in a Chevy, don't know when I will blog again.

Moving days are not fun days in my book. My book is called "Chumly's Book." I haven't published it yet, nor have I written much in it. Once in awhile I write things in it like. "Moving days are not fun." Then I put it in the book for a later quote to use in a post.

Do you have a book of your own? Your rules or thoughts or writings? Some people call it journaling or posting, blogging, writing in a Diary. While other people don't write down anything at all and just make things up as they go along. What kind of person are you?

Then there are the "readers" of these diaries or whaterver. They are like the Peeping Toms of the writing world. These are the people that spend actual money to buy these writings of others. They are the good part of the writers world.

Well, enough of trying to put off moving and writing this stuff.

So, if you see a 1995 beat up White Chevy SUV type truck with a bunch of junk in it.
It is not going to the Salvation Army, or a thief running away with stuff stolen from a neighbor's house. It is just Simply me, Simply Chumly, Simply Moving.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Turn on the Seasons

First day of Summer is here again. Well this is the first time we had a first day of Summer in 2006. We had only one first day of summer in 2005 and in 2007 we will only have one first day of Summer also.

I think the seasons are all wrong anyway. To me a "Chumly" Summer is from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Then again calling it Labor Day is all wrong. It sounds like the birth of Summer when it actually is the end. We already have a Labor Day. That is Mother's Day, so we do not need another one. If we want to end Summer and acknowledge the workers of America, then the day should be called Capitalism Day, or Workers Day, or Last Day of Summer Day, possibly even Family Day since it is usually the last picnic day for families.

Autumn is a strange season because of the mn in it. It sounds like a thinking season Autumnmnmnmnm. This season should be from the day after Summer ends (one of the days I mentioned other than Labor Day), to November 25th or Thanksgiving Day. I initially thought maybe the last day of Autumn to be Holloween. I decided the changing of the leaves and football season is definitely Autumn.

Winter should be from Black Friday, the Christmas Shopping Day until the end of March. That gives us plenty of time for snow and winter sports. Black Friday is a good name because it is usually dark most of the time during Winter any way. Plus every one is in a black mood because they have to work overtime to pay for those Christmas and New Years Holidays. Those Jewish Holidays are not too cheap either. The last day of Winter we could call Hooray Day!

AH! Spring time. April has always been Spring to me. April 1st is April Fool's day which is good because the weather sometimes fools us thinking warm weather will be here and then the big giant rat like thing see's it's shadow and we go from Hooray Day to Oh Crap day.

That brings us back to Memorial Day and we are off an running to another 1st day of Summer.

Thank you. (As I bend and do a hand flippin bow, but not the colored hand flippin like Blog Dog does).

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Backbone of America Poor

It has come to my attention that the backbone of America is the poor population.
Being poor means being on Welfare. Welfare gives a poor family food stamps. The poor family gives the food stamps to the local grocery store. Therefore keeping the stores open and with a steady income. The poor usually purchase the cheaper store brand food which keeps the prices down and thus creates jobs for people making those cheaper food products. The poor keeps the buses, and public transportation in the cities well funded which also creates jobs because the buses have to be driven. The poor also keep tons and tons of non profit orginizations profitable because they help the poor. By being on Welfare or Medicare or poor medical plans. Doctors and nurses are assured of jobs and student nurses, doctors, and medical people, in training, are constantly getting experience. The drug companies can try out new drugs on the poor population with generic and expermental drug testing via these medical plans. Being poor helps keep taxes down for? Yep! the poor and the middle class also. Unfortunately not so much as the rich. Although the rich get tax breakes for hiring the poor people. Poor people help keep the minimum wage also.

Poor people are also ecological important. The poor usually buy the old cars which cuts down on automobile waste. The poor usually recycle old car parts to keep the cars running. The poor buy the cheap gas which helps keep the gas prices down. The poor cannot purchase the higher octane and did you ever notice the cheaper the octane the lower the gas prices. There has to be a connection there. The poor also are good at recycling old furniture, clothes, and anything else that can't be sold at a yard or garage sale.

The food drives are especially helpful because the food given to the poor is usually the canned goods nobody uses and thus keeps those canned goods companies from going bankrupt.

The poor sell their, blood, body parts, hair and volunteer for those experimental health programs thus advancing science and scientific progress.

So the next time you see a poor person. Don't look down at them for holding signs "Will Work for Food" or you meet a "Homeless Person." Remember this post and how the poor are the backbone of America. That way when they beg for change on the street and you don't give them any, you won't feel so bad.

(Paid for by the people who support George Bush for a Third Term)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I win again!

I like to play mind games with myself. The best thing is, I make up the rules and I always win.

The first thing I noticed about myself, even as a child, was my imagination. I love it. When I go to the store I am not just going to buy bread or milk. I am anyone I want to be. Sometimes I am a movie star, in-cog-neat-o. I pretend I am bigger than Brad Pitt and I need some ice cream. Wearing dark sun glasses helps the image and it is more fun when you are in the store. Once in awhile I even give out an autograph to some confused person I meet. I don't do this often because I want to have fun not be put away.

On long auto trips I am a rock star going to my concert. I have a gig to play and I am prepairing while in the car. Singing along with my favorite CD helps. Once in awhile, on a long trip, I am a comedian or a public speaker and I practice my jokes or wise sage like sayings I will amaze the pretend audience I will be addressing.

In a booring situation, like waiting in a Doctors office or just in some line waiting. I have great synaptic firing adventures lighting up my brain imagined activities. I pretend some great sexy person, (your choice could be made even better since it could be male, female, animal or alien), comes into the office. They are looking for me, I am James Bond waiting for my contact in the Doctor's Office. Although I liked the Birdcage Movie and have fun with that, the sexy person is usually female. Since it is all in my thoughts there are no bounderies. This may be confusing to the reader so to make it clearer......well that's confusing since it is my imagination we are talking about; so forget the "lets make it clearer idea" and start a new paragraph.

The toughest think for me is getting to sleep at night because of my over active cerebral activities. Thinking gets me a restless night but pretending gets me sleep.
I like fairy tales and fantasy, suprise, and delving into another world while laying in darkness helps.

I guess all these words amount to what I want to say which is this. The unreal real in ones life can be the next adventure in a real unreal world. I could not say this or that but! That which we can't imagine, is lost never to exist. That which we CAN imagine can be good as long as we do not imagine badly. We could also say some other thing which can be something like: The solitude of ones mind is a private room which no one can enter or be allowed unless the visitor can imagine the world of the imaginer.

Better yet! Just imagine for yourself. That would be better than anything I can think up or imagine for you.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Easy Money, Yeah! Right!

Lately I have been getting a lot of offers from people in a lot of foreign countries to move money for them. Usually it is millions and millions of money. Now why would a stranger want to give me millions and millions of money and trust me to keep it safe for them? Do you think this could be a dishonest scam or something? Nah! These are just good people trying to get their estates settled when they find millions and millions of dollars in Uncle Jacks ol Sea Chest that he left in the Attic after he died. Good ol Uncle Jack squirreled away millions and millions of dollars and they just need a perfect stranger to help them find a safe money port for them. Sometimes it is worse. Some war or rebellion in another country ousted them out and these poor souls have to get millions and millions of dollars out of the country and need, you guessed it, a safe STRANGER to stash it for them.

I have tried to help. I tell them to send me cash to an unknown address. I give them my old address at the vacant lot so I can pick up the money. I tell them I will meet them in the back of a church in disquise, usually wearing an Ozzy Osborne or baseball shirt or Big Bird costume so not to be noticed. I ask them to send cash so I can trust them not to write me a bad check. Still. No one has returned my email and asked me for their help again.

I wonder why? Yes, why did they ask me in the first place if they are not willing to follow up with their plan to get these million and millions of dollars safely put away? Do my fonts in my emails look dishonest? I am baffled. So, to anyone out there that has millions and millions of money dollars that need a safe stranger to handle. Please I trust you. I now am willing to accept checks and credit cards.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Just don't know............

I know I want to write something that would get your attention. I can't seem to think up anything at the moment, so I will sit here and write until something comes across.

That Al Z guy in Iraq got hit with a couple of 500 or so lb. bombs and it was pretty unhealthy for him in that he died. Everyone is probably talking about that, so that is not new.

I have a spur in my foot, not the shiney metal cowboy kind. It hurts, but only when I walk or put pressure on my foot or look at it funny. I figured out how to coordinate my hand and feet, so when I draw a circle with my right hand I can move my feet right or left, sometimes, in the opposite direction. Don't waste your time with that though, it might give you a headache or motion sickness.

It is repeat time on the TV shows. Summer usually does that. Before VCR's you could watch the shows you could not watch because you were watching another show and it made your summer TV watching a little more fun. With the VCR you can record every show and watch it when you want. Like no body thought that one out either. At least with the re-runs I can get outside more. If it ever stops raining. Not that walking in the rain is not as much fun as singing in the rain. It is just that it isn't.

Thinking about joining a health club so I can eat more pizza. On a really really booring day, popping pimples isn't as much fun as it use to be. I don't know why I shared that but it is a pretty disgusting thing. It would be better not to have pimples at all. But then again what would one pop?

PS. I wrote some more stuff, but deleted it. See I do respect my readers afer all.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Joggin Bloggin

I found that it sometimes is more fun to go joggin in the bloggin than bloggin in the bloggin. I love to check out other blogs and find out what is going on in the blog world. I have learned so much. I love to leave comments because I hope it makes the person posting the post be appreciated. I am amazed at the vast assortments of the blogs and like to check out the blogs of the day. It makes my small little world behind this computer monitor a little bigger. The pictures are amazingly clear and beautiful. I stick with my simple format because that is me. There are other blog posters that have great backrounds and wonderful things to say. I wish I knew how to speak Spanish, French, German and some Asian. Somehow I cannot speak these languages but sometimes there are pictures and all of a sudden I become fluent in understanding the jist of the posted blog thing. I like the comments I receive myself and thank you for anyone that has taken the time to give me a comment which I just consider it as an "hello." One comment was they are "coming to get me." That is my favorite comment because I try not to be serious and it made me laugh. (or lol). I must admit that "they" have caught me a few times already. I almost escaped on the elevator but the nurse had the key and locked it on the floor it was on. So I could not go up or down. I had fun pushing the buttons and pretending I was in Jerry's apartment with Kramer, George, Elaine and the gang. I just wanted to share that just publishing a post is only half the fun. Do a little joggin bloggin for yourself and you'll see.
Or not!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Flat lined again!

Ever do or say something that stops you in your tracks? Sometimes I hear another person say something and it stops me in my tracks. Sometime I say something that stops others in their tracks. Then there are the times the words just rush out before my brain catches them and then I stop myself in my tracks. There are special speakers in the world that think before they speak. I speak then think or speak and forget what I just said and wonder why the person I am speaking to is looking at me like that. I seem to have that special ability to also say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person. Like the other day, I saw a person I did not see for years, oh, here it comes says the reader I hope its good, well it is kinda. Anyway I see this beautiful lady who has not aged since 1970. I am aroused, gitty, blushing and trying to flirt but not show I am flirting. I think about having sex with her but it is just a fantasytactile thought not a physical possibility. I need the big V pill and because it is not romantic I do not carry them, but that is another story. I digress, sorry. Well. I mention we have a sorta mutual friend and she knew this other person way back when and use to hang out with this other friend of mine. "Yes, it was true, and that just brought back a flood of memories. Especially since I was married your friends best friend then divorced him." she wistfully replied to me.
This is where I stopped in my tracks.

Friday, June 02, 2006

AA or AAA?

I am one of those members of Alcohol Anonymous. I also drive a car and I am a little miffed about the high gas prices. I began thinking about driving and recovery. My road to recovery is like driving on a highway. I encounter rocks, boulders and things that are on the road that hinder my travels. These rocks and boulders are of course obsticales to my recovery like doubt, anger, and well, you name it. I avoid these obsticales and they get smaller and smaller as I begin to proceed down the road. On the smooth road I can enjoy the little stop overs that are like roadside rests. I can enjoy a stop for ice cream, or a water park or a beautiful scene. I can really embrace the good stuff on the highway. These little stops are my serenity, acceptance, love and respect I have from my fellow AA members and people I encounter.

I must be careful not to dwell in the rearview mirror because I will lose sight of the road ahead by continually looking backwards. My gas is the serenity gas which are the 12 steps, traditions, and the good things AA teaches. If I break down my AAA is AA. I must beware of the potholes. They are avoided by not driving too fast and being aware of the dangers that can lurk in the roads. Instead of "Curves, deer, or danger signs up ahead." I see "Yield to Sobriety signs like, "Danger Drinkin Thinkin up Ahead." When I am done driving before I exit the car I turn to my navigator, my Higher Power, and say a special thanks for the help. Well, good driving to you too!