Saturday, June 03, 2006

Flat lined again!

Ever do or say something that stops you in your tracks? Sometimes I hear another person say something and it stops me in my tracks. Sometime I say something that stops others in their tracks. Then there are the times the words just rush out before my brain catches them and then I stop myself in my tracks. There are special speakers in the world that think before they speak. I speak then think or speak and forget what I just said and wonder why the person I am speaking to is looking at me like that. I seem to have that special ability to also say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person. Like the other day, I saw a person I did not see for years, oh, here it comes says the reader I hope its good, well it is kinda. Anyway I see this beautiful lady who has not aged since 1970. I am aroused, gitty, blushing and trying to flirt but not show I am flirting. I think about having sex with her but it is just a fantasytactile thought not a physical possibility. I need the big V pill and because it is not romantic I do not carry them, but that is another story. I digress, sorry. Well. I mention we have a sorta mutual friend and she knew this other person way back when and use to hang out with this other friend of mine. "Yes, it was true, and that just brought back a flood of memories. Especially since I was married your friends best friend then divorced him." she wistfully replied to me.
This is where I stopped in my tracks.

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Johann said...

You don't say that you asked your lady friend out on a date. Did she give you signals that told you there was no chance? That's what it sounds like.