Saturday, June 17, 2006

Backbone of America Poor

It has come to my attention that the backbone of America is the poor population.
Being poor means being on Welfare. Welfare gives a poor family food stamps. The poor family gives the food stamps to the local grocery store. Therefore keeping the stores open and with a steady income. The poor usually purchase the cheaper store brand food which keeps the prices down and thus creates jobs for people making those cheaper food products. The poor keeps the buses, and public transportation in the cities well funded which also creates jobs because the buses have to be driven. The poor also keep tons and tons of non profit orginizations profitable because they help the poor. By being on Welfare or Medicare or poor medical plans. Doctors and nurses are assured of jobs and student nurses, doctors, and medical people, in training, are constantly getting experience. The drug companies can try out new drugs on the poor population with generic and expermental drug testing via these medical plans. Being poor helps keep taxes down for? Yep! the poor and the middle class also. Unfortunately not so much as the rich. Although the rich get tax breakes for hiring the poor people. Poor people help keep the minimum wage also.

Poor people are also ecological important. The poor usually buy the old cars which cuts down on automobile waste. The poor usually recycle old car parts to keep the cars running. The poor buy the cheap gas which helps keep the gas prices down. The poor cannot purchase the higher octane and did you ever notice the cheaper the octane the lower the gas prices. There has to be a connection there. The poor also are good at recycling old furniture, clothes, and anything else that can't be sold at a yard or garage sale.

The food drives are especially helpful because the food given to the poor is usually the canned goods nobody uses and thus keeps those canned goods companies from going bankrupt.

The poor sell their, blood, body parts, hair and volunteer for those experimental health programs thus advancing science and scientific progress.

So the next time you see a poor person. Don't look down at them for holding signs "Will Work for Food" or you meet a "Homeless Person." Remember this post and how the poor are the backbone of America. That way when they beg for change on the street and you don't give them any, you won't feel so bad.

(Paid for by the people who support George Bush for a Third Term)


Johann said...

Here's another good thing about poor people. They are too poor to afford an internet connection, so they can't argue with you about how "good" it is to be poor. :)

maarmie said...

Who the fuck would support Bush for a third term? I guess the people who deserve him, that's who!

Lynn said...

Definitely jaded.
I won't speak of Bush, as I am no authority at all, bein Canadian.
But I understand exactly what you mean.
What I do know is that the people of the U.S. are really suffering at this time. Too much from too many areas has touched the people of America in a negative way.
We need to be able to turn to our leaders for aid, and it seems that the U.S. cannot trust their leadership to support them at this time.
Thanks for usin your voice.

Lynn said...

Chumly Oh Chumly,

I really appreciate that you are reading my drivel and commenting.
I figured I would do you the honour of answering your spell check question.
I too do not know how to get spell check for my blog. But Laurie of The Chamber Door blog told me the trick is to use word to create first. Spell check it there, then cut and paste it into the blog.
My experience with doin this blogging is that I will write in word and spell check it, get frustrated at the blog for not doin what I want, have a good frustrated cry and swear alot then punch my desk and scream for my son to help me. He laughs; I get embarassed after he says, "just hit this button! See!"