Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Joggin Bloggin

I found that it sometimes is more fun to go joggin in the bloggin than bloggin in the bloggin. I love to check out other blogs and find out what is going on in the blog world. I have learned so much. I love to leave comments because I hope it makes the person posting the post be appreciated. I am amazed at the vast assortments of the blogs and like to check out the blogs of the day. It makes my small little world behind this computer monitor a little bigger. The pictures are amazingly clear and beautiful. I stick with my simple format because that is me. There are other blog posters that have great backrounds and wonderful things to say. I wish I knew how to speak Spanish, French, German and some Asian. Somehow I cannot speak these languages but sometimes there are pictures and all of a sudden I become fluent in understanding the jist of the posted blog thing. I like the comments I receive myself and thank you for anyone that has taken the time to give me a comment which I just consider it as an "hello." One comment was they are "coming to get me." That is my favorite comment because I try not to be serious and it made me laugh. (or lol). I must admit that "they" have caught me a few times already. I almost escaped on the elevator but the nurse had the key and locked it on the floor it was on. So I could not go up or down. I had fun pushing the buttons and pretending I was in Jerry's apartment with Kramer, George, Elaine and the gang. I just wanted to share that just publishing a post is only half the fun. Do a little joggin bloggin for yourself and you'll see.
Or not!


Justin said...

I appreciated the comment (although I don't know about this paranormal society...)

chumly said...

Its on TV Cable Channel they investigate hauntings.

Crónicas de Sepelaci said...

Hi, Chumly.
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My english its too bad to understand all you write, and I write it... well, you can read this to see it.

Its a interesting site. I enjoy it.

I will back.

Un saludín

selmer said...

be nice to your moles

Johann said...

I enjoy commenting on other people's blogs as well - same reason. I also like to follow blogs that post daily.

oky said...

thank you for visiting my page.. I am glad to know other blogger who appreciates other bloggers.thank you