Saturday, June 10, 2006

Easy Money, Yeah! Right!

Lately I have been getting a lot of offers from people in a lot of foreign countries to move money for them. Usually it is millions and millions of money. Now why would a stranger want to give me millions and millions of money and trust me to keep it safe for them? Do you think this could be a dishonest scam or something? Nah! These are just good people trying to get their estates settled when they find millions and millions of dollars in Uncle Jacks ol Sea Chest that he left in the Attic after he died. Good ol Uncle Jack squirreled away millions and millions of dollars and they just need a perfect stranger to help them find a safe money port for them. Sometimes it is worse. Some war or rebellion in another country ousted them out and these poor souls have to get millions and millions of dollars out of the country and need, you guessed it, a safe STRANGER to stash it for them.

I have tried to help. I tell them to send me cash to an unknown address. I give them my old address at the vacant lot so I can pick up the money. I tell them I will meet them in the back of a church in disquise, usually wearing an Ozzy Osborne or baseball shirt or Big Bird costume so not to be noticed. I ask them to send cash so I can trust them not to write me a bad check. Still. No one has returned my email and asked me for their help again.

I wonder why? Yes, why did they ask me in the first place if they are not willing to follow up with their plan to get these million and millions of dollars safely put away? Do my fonts in my emails look dishonest? I am baffled. So, to anyone out there that has millions and millions of money dollars that need a safe stranger to handle. Please I trust you. I now am willing to accept checks and credit cards.


Johann said...

I hate to admit this, but when I was twenty-one I fell for a money scam in New York city that was similar to the one you describe. The difference was that I was scammed in person instead of through the internet. I hear it's a very old scam that has many versions to it.

Sikenit Comel-AminBakish said...

hello chumly!

pumuckl said...

thank you for your blog! and thanks to blog dog for referring to you, you made me laugh so much. I have been working for the police/prosecutors office back in Switzerland for a while, and it was just incredible for what kind of emails and other fraud people fall for. I remember the case of a lady working for a big financial instution, her husband left her and she tried to get him back by magic from an African guy who was advertising his service in the newspaper. She gave him so much money, repeatedly, and did not even get suspicious when he asked for 26'000 (because her age was 26) and at the same time for 29'000 (you got it, his age was 29), in separate envelopes to be delivered in the usual cafe at the station. a friend of her dragged her to the police when he learnt about the story, otherwise she might still be paying.

love your posts :-)

a camera in the world said...

...and thanks for stoping by my blog and leaving a comment.

And as to scams, I had to once talk my boss out of a, way back then, fax scam that was almost identical to todays email based ones.

maarmie said...

I take money orders!